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Paintball Gun Pro team

About Us

Paintball Gun Pro started as a passion and love of the sport of paintball. Over time, my passion for the game grew and I wanted to share my knowledge in a blog. I began to review products and write guides to help people learn about the sport and make the best choices when it comes to their gear and parting with their hard-earned money.

We also want to help you enjoy playing paintball as much as possible so we share tips and advice on the best ways to play. We also recommend some great products that we think will help improve your game.

We hope to see you on the field or on YouTube.

Happy Paintballing!


We are a group of friends that love paintball, but we are not professional players. We, however, have always been uncertain and hesitant before buying any paintball equipment – which is why we started this business to provide you with quality paintball equipment so that you can make an informed decision before spending a lot of money on it.