You Should Have Surrendered – Paintball #shorts

Thermal Paintball Goggles – How to Get Yourself a Cheap Pair

I explain in this article how you can find the best thermal paintball goggles for the cheapest prices on the internet. I share 3 sources in this article, and explain how to best use them for the best results.

The Adventure and Rush in Extreme Kayaking

Extreme kayaking is basically kayaking on intense, fast paced rivers filled with rapids and waterfalls. You need to be both mentally and physically strong to be able to participate successfully, and you’ll need to have the proper equipment. You need a high quality, sturdy kayak, as well as safety equipment that will protect you from hazards such as hitting rocks.

Airsoft Wargames – An Alternative Sport

Have you ever thought that your sports hobbies like baseball, basketball, or football are too common nowadays? Why don’t you try something new? If you’re a type of person that seeks a pure adrenaline rush, mind blowing suspense action, strategy, and tactics, then Airsoft is a good fit for you!

Paintball Gun Safety – Top Tips to Make Sure Your Markers Do Not Harm You

Paintball is currently one of the safest sports that you can play. American sports have confirmed that you are currently 19 times more likely to be injured playing football in comparison to paintball. That being said paintball guns will generally fire out paintball guns at 300 metres per second, and are powered by compressed air tanks, so following the tips below will help to ensure you are not harmed by your marker.

Who Wants to Base Jump?

You have gone sky diving, you’ve gone parasailing and you’ve tried bungee jumping… and they just aren’t enough of a thrill. What’s left? Why not throw yourself off a building (with a parachute of course). That’s exactly what brings people to the sport of BASE jumping.

The Best Way to Buy Cheap Paintballs

Okay, so you have all your paintball gear ready to go and you’re ready to have a great day at your local field. However when you get to your local field, the cost of paintballs are high and unsatisfactory. I can tell you from my very own experiences that paintballs from a paintball field are expensive…

How to Choose the Right Airsoft Pistols

If you’re considering purchasing an airsoft gun, you have more than a few options before you. As the sport of airsoft has increased in popularity, so have the number of airsoft pistols being produced. But finding the right gun for your needs doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just follow these tips to ensure you choose an airsoft pistol you’ll love for years to come.

Simple Safety Tips For Paintball

Playing extreme sports such as paintball has been proven to be dangerous especially when safety precautions are not followed. So here are simple safety tips for paintball players.

Learn the Different Parts of a Kiteboard

Kiteboarding is definitely an exciting water activity for everyone. It is easy to do and learn. Of course, to be able to enjoy kiteboarding it is important that you have the proper skills and the right gears. It is a kind of water sport where you can wakeboard, surf and windsurf all at once. How can you not love the feeling of flying and riding the waves?

Paintball Smoke Grenade – Keeping Paintball Fun Yet Safe

The paintball smoke grenade is something you should not be without if you want to play a paintball game that simulates real battle. This type of grenade is especially made for paintball games and it can emit harmless smoke that is usually bright in color. Like typical smoke screens, it helps shield you against enemies and it can produce smoke that lasts for 3 to 15 minutes.

Air Pistol Training is More About Mental Discipline Than Technique

Achieving scores like 540 or 550 or even 560 with air pistol is quite easy when you know what to do. Air pistol shooting happens essentially in your head.

Capture the Flag – A Classic Airsoft Game

This article describes one of the oldest, most popular scenarios for an airsoft war. Check it out and enjoy!

Wholesale Paintball Guns – Getting the Best Paintball Marker at the Best Price

Whether you are in the paintball business and need rental gear, or need paintball supplies for your personal use, paintball markers can be pricey. If you need to buy more than one marker, a wholesale paintball gun may be the simplest way. You can also try out some different techniques to get the best deals, such as leasing or buying used paintball equipment.

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