Yell and Scream! | How To Play Paintball
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Rollerblading Is Easy!

Have no fear – Rollerblading (inline skating) is easy and fun. I’m an expert instructor and can help you on your way!

Black Belt Tips For Scenario Paintball

One of the most fun aspects of scenario paintball is the fact that it’s played outside, in a natural environment. The natural setting brings unpredictable variables that keep your game exciting, fresh and new all the time. Temperatures and conditions from different seasons add interesting challenges and new variables to work with constantly. Experienced players use available seasonal materials and different elements in the natural setting to give them advantages in strategy and performance. This article offers many great tips and ideas for utilizing the environment to your advantage in a scenario paintball game.

Lipo Battery Pack Tutorial

So you want to go lipo? Well you have made the big choice and now you need to know where to start. Well the first thing to look at is the condition on your gearbox.

Buy These Brilliant BMX Bikes From Evans Cycles

Specifically designed for use on motocross and dirt tracks, BMX bikes originate from southern California. It was in this area that kids first began using their standard bikes on rough dirt tracks – as they looked to emulate their motocross heroes in the early seventies.

Choosing the Right 2 Person Fishing Kayak for You (And Your Partner)

Don’t worry when it comes to pick the RIGHT 2 Person Fishing Kayak. It might feel like a bit of a daunting process when you’re with someone else as well, but it’s really not that hard in the end.

Dirt Bike Racing History and Overview

Just about every boy or every tom boy loves to ride on a dirt bike. Dirt bike riding can be fun, even thrilling. Professional dirt bike racing has a history that extends back to the 1950’s. If kids want to ride dirt bikes, they must wear gear, and it is not recommended that they ever ride a motorcycle, since those are a bit harder to control.

How Paintball Markers Invented a Sport: A Brief History

According to recent statistics, almost 10 million people play paintball today making it the number 3 Extreme Sport behind in-line skating and skateboarding. This article give a brief insight on how paintball came to be from humble beginnings to the present day.

BASE Jumping Gear and Equipment

The sport of BASE jumping is a small knit community of parachuting enthusiasts. When it comes to finding gear it can be difficult at first, as every BASE jumper try’s to keep newbies from receiving gear before they are ready. Mainly because BASE jumping is an extremely dangerous sport and experienced jumpers don’t like to see those who start after them pass before them.

The Rise of the Wi-Fi Action Cameras

Just when you thought action cameras couldn’t get any smarter, along comes Wi-Fi connectivity. Listed here are three cameras setting the standard for this new breed of action camera.

Should I Buy an Inflatable Kayak?

Inflatable kayaks are the boat of the future. With new construction materials and more available models they offer advantages over traditional hard-shell kayaks. They are less difficult to use for the novice because they are easier to acquire skills and far more stable. They are much more durable due to advances in textile strength. Inflatables are a bit less responsive, but if you spend a little more money, much of those problems become less significant.

BMX – European or American?

The world of BMX has recently seen a surge of interest. This may in part be due to the inclusion, and therefore exposure, gained by becoming an Olympic sport. But how many of us know where this once ‘kids pastime’ came from, is the mainstream view that it is a US sport correct and if not where then did it originate?

Your Child’s Very First BB Gun

If you are looking for a gun for your child then a BB gun could be absolutely perfect, they are great for if you are taking your child hunting for the first time as they really can teach them how guns work. There is no way a child should be let loose with any other gun until they can work one of these as damage may be caused and people or animals could get hurt severely. If you are going to let your child use one of these the main thing in which you need to teach them is that…

Packing Your Power Kite Properly to Avoid Line Tangles and Twisting

Learn how to properly pack your kite lines to prevent tangles and twisting from occurring. Follow these simple steps for a much more enjoyable kiting experience.

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