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What is Airsoft? – Popularity

If you have never played a game of airsoft, it is where opponents shoot each other with non metallic pellets from an airsoft gun which is a compressed air gun. The gun can be powered electrically, or by a gearbox, gas, or a manual spring load. There are many different styles of this game that are played, and in some states it is even banned.

Airsoft Game Types – Medic

Medic is a type of airsoft game that gives players who have been hit the chance to get back into the action once they have been “healed” by a player designated as the medic. Typically the game is played with the goal of team domination or death match, but there are many variations that can be played with medics. If you are participating in a skirmish using this scenario, be sure to learn the specific rules for being healed, or “respawned” for the group organizing the skirmish.

Mile 7 of the Pettyjohn Cave Survey

One of the exciting things about caving is the surveying of the cave. The survey record creates a history and reference for future cavers. This is a story about the longest mile in the survey of a well known Georgia cave.

Cheap Paintball Equipment – Where to Go to Find Affordable Paintball Gear

Paintball is an expensive sport. You’ll need a gun, which can cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars. If you want a high end electronic marker you can easily spend even more on it. With an expensive gun you’ll need a motorized loader which can cost a hundred dollars. It doesn’t stop there either, the costs can easily keep piling up with the addition of a compressed air tank, a mask, clothing, and then the never ending money you’ll be spending on paintballs.

Choosing a Paintball Kit Or a Paintball Package

This article goes over the few factors to consider when deciding to purchase a paintball kit. Whether it is better and less expensive to buy a kit to upgrade your current paintball marker or to go ahead and buy a versatile marker with a package and then change kits later.

Mile 6 of the Pettyjohn Cave Survey

Mile six of Pettyjohn Cave is a push to the extreme limits of the cave, The Outer Limits was pushed, then the discovery and survey of the Discovery Room and next the survey of Schreiber’s Extension. The Discovery Room is currently the most northern room in the cave. High above the Emerald Pool and directly under Pigeon Mountain, it is the second largest room in the cave.

Best Airsoft Gun – Suitable For Children Too

Generally, most people assume that the best airsoft gun for children is the spring airsoft gun. Although people can only buy airsoft guns when they are at least 18 years old, many others start using it when they are younger. They are actually great products to educate children on things about guns such as basic gun safety and ways to care for their guns. They can also get used to the environment of being around guns.

Realism and the Sport of Airsoft

Realistic weapons and scenarios bring an intriguing element of realism to the adrenaline charged sport of airsoft. The excitement of playing with replicas of real guns and reenacting combat or law enforcement scenarios contributes to the growing popularity of the sport. Designed to look almost identical to their real counterparts, airsoft guns are available in a range of models from spring loaded pistols to airsoft sniper rifles.

Mile 5 of the Pettyjohn Cave Survey

Most of the fifth mile took place in The Labyrinth, a maze of stream passages from the surface water that drains in from Screech Owl Cave and other holes east of the entrance to Pettyjohn Cave. I have been in Screech Owl Cave but not to the end. It is a very small and tight cave.

Finding the Wake Board You’ve Always Wanted

Wake boards have many specific details that go into their manufacturing. Finding the right shape and style is important in helping you get the one you need.

Airsoft Pistols – The Advantages of Electric Airsoft Pistols Over Spring Airsoft Pistols

It is not hard to find yourself airsoft pistols because there are various choices out there for you to choose from. They are usually used by armed services and police activities for training purposes. There are also youngsters who use them for safety training or recreational purposes. If you can afford to spend more on airsoft pistols, you can get one which resembles the real thing.

The First Fundamental of Marksmanship For the Airsoft Sniper (Part 1 of 4)

Do you struggle to shoot accurately with your Airsoft sniper rifle? Then you need to learn the fundamentals of Airsoft marksmanship. In this first of four how-to articles we outline how to use proper aiming techniques to get better results when you are in the field.

What is All This Paintball Stuff?

Everybody’s talking about about paintball. If you’ve never gone, you might be wondering what all this paintball stuff is, anyway. If you enjoy shooting a paintball gun, you may have a certain place you like to go. The Dallas area has indoor and outdoor fields, offering plenty of fun for the whole family.

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