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More New Kites for 2013

If you’re a keen kitesurfer, then you want to keep yourself up to date with new developments in the sport. In this series of articles, we look at the new kites that have been launched for the 2013 season. This article is the 3rd in the series and in it we review some more new kites for 2013.

BT Scenario Marker – Lightweight Paintball Gun With a Twist

Paintball may be a game, but it’s a serious game that offers a vast array of benefits to the player. Simulated combat with the up-side of offering very few serious injuries, is it any wonder that paintball is so popular?

Michigan – The Best Place to Kiteboard in the United States

The top five reasons Michigan is the best place for kiteboarding in the United States. From the fresh water to the wide open beaches and scenery you will be hard pressed to find a better place to ride.

How to Prevent Sustaining Sporting Injuries This Winter

Winter sports have increased injury risks due to cold weather, ice and special equipment requirements. Many of these sporting injuries can be prevented through proper preparation and knowing what to expect.

Skull Airsoft Masks

If you want a mask with a unique look that will also give you an intimidation factor why not try the skull airsoft mask. These masks definitely will give you and your teammates a look like you’ve never seen before.

Snowboarding At It’s Extreme

Snowboarding on it’s own is actually a enjoyable and safe sports activity that’s essentially a mix of snow skiing and skateboarding. By using a single big board, enthusiasts run down mountains through the snow. The feeling and sense of balance is not the same as typical snow skiing considering the fact that routing throughout the snow is accomplished on just a single board, and in contrast to skateboarding, snowboarders allow the law of gravity to do the job of propulsion for them as they quite simply slide all the way down the mountains.

Talking Running, Training and Fitness Tech w/Legend Endurance and Adventure Athlete Marshall Ulrich

Times have changed, as I am sure you are aware, and fitness technology has become an epidemic in America from the latest iPhone app to the next sports watch. These technologies are monitoring your exercise levels, calories, sleep, blood sugar, heart rate, altitude, global position with more applications being developed daily. From learning a little more about your mental mentality when training and racing and your philosophy of less is best, I hoped you could answer a few questions about the next generation of endurance and adventure athletes.

Exercise Techniques That Can Improve Your Disc Golf Game

It may sound like a fun hobby to play with friends, but like any other sport, the game of disc golf – or frolf – actually requires skill and precision. If you are new to disc golf, you may not be too familiar with the skills required. Like the original game of golf, players work to reach par in a set number of strokes or throws.

Winter Injuries

Though many sporting activities are coming to a close, there is still the chance for sports related injuries during the winter months. Proper planning and preparation can help stave off injuries and keep your holidays cheery.

How Recreational Firearm Shooting Can Promote Stress Relief, Responsibility, and Socializing

Recreational firearm shooting can be a hobby which promotes discipline and responsibility as well as acting as a stress-reliever for many hobbyists. Various shooting activities can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced shooters to bring people together and maximize the experience.

Airsoft – A Hobby For All

The sport of Airsoft has become very popular and is not limited to teens as adults also enjoy this sport. Airsoft guns come in a wide variety of configurations and are very realistic.

What To Look For When Selecting a Disc Golf Course

When playing disc golf, there are many factors to consider. Do not forget you may also need the proper disc golf supplies. For example, when playing “regular” golf, you need a set of clubs, a bag, tees, and of course the balls. With disc golf, you still need materials to play with, but the setup is a little different. However, while you need to get a good feel for supplies, you also need to find a course that works for you.

Proper Disc Golf Techniques to Remember On the Course

The game of disc golf – or “frolf” – has become a popular niche sport for many. It shares many rules that are similar to the traditional game of golf, and courses are normally arranged similarly to a regular golf course. One difference is that players use round discs shaped like a Frisbee, but normally heavier. Those discs are normally broken into three categories – drivers, midrange, and putters, all based on the weight and distance.

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