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What Motivates Us to Participate in Adventure Sports?

Why when we are hardwired for survival do some of us strive to test ourselves to the limit both physically and mentally through the medium of adventure sports? Why do we thrive on a level of risk unacceptable to most people?

Why Buy Discount Paintball Guns?

The only problem with being a paintballer is that outfitting your arsenal can get a little pricey over time. Between a couple of sidearms, a rifle and some body armor, you’ve already spent the better part of a month’s pay. This is why, as the sport grows, more and more shooters are buying discount paintball guns almost exclusively.

FOX Racing Shox – From Suspensions to Street Wears

Fox Racing Shox made its name in the suspension system market. Today, this brand is not just about suspension, but rather it is also all about high quality clothing and apparels. Know more about this popular brand in this article.

The Difference Between Skateboarding and Freebording

Freebords and skateboards are both basically long pieces of plywood with wheels bolted to the bottom, right? So what’s the big difference? Freebords are built to move across the pavement the way a snowboard glides across the powder. That means you can slide, glide, spin, and revert anytime and anywhere without waiting for an Ollie or a jump to take your wheels off the ground.

Dangers of Freebording – How to Ride Freebords Safely

Is Freebording dangerous? The short answer is yes but you have to look at the sport on a sliding scale. Any extreme sport (or even not-so-extreme sport) is inherently dangerous to a certain extent. You could blow out a knee playing golf or faceplant into the side of a mountain while hang gliding. The amount of danger Freebording might place you in is variable. Another way of looking at it is if you can snowboard, you can Freebord but keep in mind Freebords are meant for pavement and cement. Taking a header on either of these hard surfaces is much more likely to cause grievous bodily harm than falling in fluffy snow. But when you compare Freebording to other pavement sports (skateboarding or rollerblading) Freebording doesn’t seem that scary.

Freebording – History of The Freebord

Sometime in the mid 1990s when the X Games were just coming into their own and athletes were just starting to go “extreme,” a group of snowboarders and inventors got together under the direction of Steen Strand and created the unique sport of Freebording. Essentially, Strand wanted to combine the grace and ease of lateral movement (or “sliding”) that snowboarding allows with the year-round fun of skateboarding. He knew that if he could recreate the motion boarders loved on the slopes without the snow that he would have something spectacular.

Now That I Can Juggle 3 Balls, What Tricks Can I Learn?

The 3 Ball Cascade is the basic juggling pattern that most people in the Western Hemisphere learn as their first trick. This is the trick that most beginners will return to between attempting all of the following tricks until they get comfortable enough to be able to smoothly transition between all the tricks they know.

From Kite Flying to Kitesurfing

There are millions of hobbies that people can have, but only a couple of them involve kites. A kite is simply an object, usually constructed with a lightweight frame and fabric, that can fly in the air. Kites are used both for conventional kite flying and the newly developed sport of kitesurfing.

Building Your Own Paintball Sniper Rifle

One sport that has gathered many fans is Paintball. Paintball guns come in different shapes, sizes, and forms and one kind of gun that many people are choosing to specialize in would be the paintball sniper rifle. A paintball sniper rifle is a kind of gun that can hit targets from large distances and most people will not even be aware they are being aimed at if the conditions are just right.

What Is Good to Wear in Paintball?

Playing paintball is a favorite pastime of many people of different ages and interests. Once considered a sport of school-age boys, young and old alike are now getting into the game, as well as many women.

Paintball: The History

The origins of paintball guns go back to the 1970s when farmers and ranchers were looking for a way to mark trees and cattle from a distance. A company at that time produced the first well-known pistol. Its use grew from practical to recreational about a decade later.

How to Choose a Paintball Mask

When participating in paintball, the most important piece of safety equipment is the mask. A paintball mask is always necessary. Getting hit on open skin with a paintball is painful, and it leaves a large welt.

Accessorize Tippmann Paintball Guns for Special Purposes

One of the things that makes paintball a popular hobby is the ability for players to accessorize. The type of paintball weapons they carry depends heavily on the role of the player, their skill level and how often they play.

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