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Airsoft Game Types – King of the Hill

The basics of the popular airsoft game type ‘King of the Hill.’ King of the Hill is a fun airsoft game with the goal of controlling of a predetermined area marked by a flag.

Buy Paintball Gun – What Must I Know Before I Buy a Paintball Gun

Buying a paintball gun can be a big investment. If you’re to commit further to paintballing as a hobby in order to buy paintball gun, it’s a good idea to do some research before you go ahead and make such a big purchase. Make a list of features you want, and then do some research to find the gun that has those features and is in your price range.

Why You Should Try Kiteboarding

Every year, there always seems to be a hip new sport that comes out as a hybrid of other activities. And one sport that has started to gain a bit of attention is Kiteboarding. This water sport is a combination of surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. And as more people are exposed to this new and exciting sport, they discover how fun it really is compared to others.

History of Aggressive Skating

Skating imprinted its presence in the book of history as early as the seventeenth century. It is originally used by people to glide over snow-filled canals called skeelers. The structure then was a wooden frame with wheels nailed into the boot or shoes.

How to Get Ready For Your Kite Surfing Lessons

Whoever said that learning anything new was easy is probably bluffing. Like learning to ride a bike, the first few times will be difficult as well as discouraging for the beginner. And without the right guidance and proper motivation, you might give up that easily. Kite surfing is no different from other sports.

Kiteboarding – The Extreme Water Sport

If you ever have craved for an extreme water sport that combines all the elements in one gig, then look no further. Kiteboarding has taken extreme sports to another level. Unlike other water-based sports that rely completely on waves for propulsion or even speedboats to drag them, kiteboarding relies on the strong winds and waves. There is probably no other sport that can brag about that. And if you’ve seen kiteboarders on the beach, then you probably know what I am talking about.

The World of Extreme Sports

Extreme sports have been taking the United States by storm quietly over the years. There are so many different types of extreme sports that a person can find one that fits their personalities.

Airsoft Sniper Rifles – Spring Vs Gas

What are the differences between the gas powered airsoft sniper rifles and the spring powered airsoft rifles? Is it worth paying the extra price for a gas powered airsoft sniper rifle, or should you just stick with a spring powered one?

How to Maintain a Paintball Gun – Lengthen the Life of Your Paintball Marker

Paintball gun’s are complex pieces of kit, and because of this there are a lot of potential problems that can arise if you do not maintain your paintball marker well. So the tips in this article if put into action will help you greatly lengthen the life of your paintball gun.

Airsoft Gun Types – Spring, Gas and Electric (AEG)

From manually operated spring loaded pistols to fully automatic electric rifles, the variety of guns available to airsoft players today is vast. Airsoft players have more options than ever when choosing what types of guns to add to their collections. The guns used for airsoft fall into one of three main categories based on how they are powered.

Smart Parts SP-1 Tactical Parts – Top 5 Upgrades For the Money

The SP-1 Tactical has soared with popularity within the woodsball arena since its introduction almost two years ago. Smart Parts’ concept of tournament level performance at an entry level price has raised the bar for paintball manufacturers in the entry market. Aftermarket upgrades are always an important part of owning any paintball gun. Upgrades not only push the performance, but allow the marker to cater to your specific needs and playing style. With all of the performance and aftermarket upgrades out there for the Smart Parts SP-1, how do you decide which parts make the most sense?

Getting Fit With Extreme Sports

Without a doubt, extreme sports are some of the most exciting activities around. These sports can be both fun and productive if participated in properly.

Is Paintball a Safe Sport?

When people think of paintball, one of the immediate images that comes up in peoples mind is getting shot multiple time’s with hard paint pellet… Is that really a safe sport? This article outlines my experiences with the sport, and also refers to some information from American Sports about the safety of paintball that may surprise you.

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