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Making the Most of Your Airsoft Game

One of the biggest challenges with airsoft is actually finding the time to play. When you do get the opportunity to get out in field, if you’re like me, you want to make the most of it. The following is a list of tactics for minimizing downtime and making the most of your airsoft experience.

Airsoft FAQ – What is a Hi-Cap and Why Do I Need One?

Hi-Cap is a commonly used abbreviation for High-Capacity, specifically a high-capacity magazine used with electric airsoft guns. If you are new to airsoft and plan on participating in team skirmishes, a hi-cap specific to your AEG is a must.

The History of Windsurfing Boards

Before, when windsurfing got overly hot in the latter 70s, early 80s, one out of 4 households in Great Britain had bits of windsurf equipment in their residence! It had been a big success and the market just continued to grow.

How to Choose the Right Paintballs For Your Paintball Marker

How do you know what size paintball will fit in your paintball gun? This article will help you determine if they are too big or small and how to store them while on the field.

What to Look For in a Paintball Pistol

Paintball Pistols are compact, light weight, easy to carry and hide from your opponents. That is what makes Pistols the perfect side arm in your paintball game.

What Makes High Quality Paintballs?

The biggest factor to influence the accuracy of a paintball gun is the quality of the paintballs used in the gun but what makes a good quality paintball as opposed to a decent paintball? I will explain that factors that influence quality and how to tell if you have a good quality ball that will be accurate.

The Paintball Gun Or Marker

The paintball gun originally started out as a paintball marker used to easily mark trees for harvesting or livestock in the field for branding or inoculating. Today we use the terms gun and marker interchangeably depending on whom we are addressing.

What to Know About Airsoft Guns

When contemplating airsoft guns we comprehend that these are replicas man-made only for leisure habits. Airsoft guns are a single shot strategy, which springs when shot, if spring powered. Previous to each shot the consumer must cock the spring when shooting the spring at impact on every shot.

Does the Quality of Airsoft Sniper Rifles and AEG’s Even Matter?

Find out why the quality of your Airsoft gun is not nearly as big of a factor as your actual skill. Most people do not realise this.

Paintball Camouflage – 4 Dead Giveaways That’ll Get You Eliminated Every Time

I remember my first week of stealth training. We were given a demonstration of what highly effective camouflage can do, when used properly. And we quickly learned the 4 tell-tale giveaways that will rat you out every time.

Air Soft Guns – A Fun Sport Which Should Be Played With Care

Shooting has been a game known since long and is also popular among all age groups. The game of shooting has undergone many modifications and the air soft guns are one of the modifications seen. This sport is quite popular among people of all age groups equally.

Iceboating For the Few

Iceboating is not a sport for the fainthearted. A handful of committed people enjoy themselves in winter on some lakes. (Like Lake Arthur in Pennsylvania). Winter conditions have to be right, especially the strength and depth of the ice and the speed of the wind, in order to give a few good runs.

What is a Paintball Gun Or Paintball Marker?

Great information on how to choose the best Paintball Marker for you. Find out what the differences are of hoppers, triggers, and how to keep your Paintball Gun accurate and reliable.

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