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Top Five Things to Look For When Choosing an Altimeter Watch

Choosing an altimeter watch can be a daunting task. This article breaks down what we think are the top five things to consider when making your altimeter watch purchase decision.

12 Future Trends in Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is changing fast. This is an insiders view of what is going on and what are the new trends. From Equipment to the Olympics, these trends are coming, so get ready.

Paintball For Those Who Think Sports and Fitness Are Boring

Traditional sports and fitness activities are not always as fun as you want them to be. For some people standard ways of achieving good health and a good physical form can be quite dull. But there are other ways to become physically fit and have good clean fun. One of them is paintball. It is a sport that develops agility, good running speed and teamwork. It fits for most of the people and does not require a perfect physical form. Kids and even older people can compete with each other at a paintball field.

History of Airsoft

This article explains where airsoft guns originated from. It also explain how they came to be so popular.

Electric Airsoft Rifles – A Look at the Mak 47SE Warhawk Commando AEG

There is a huge availability of electric airsoft rifles on the market today. Making an informed decision about which gun that you may take on your next outing is going to make a big difference when it comes to your enjoyment of the sport.

Electric Airsoft Rifles – A Look at the Aftermath Hitman CQC AEG Rifle

There are many electric airsoft rifles on the market today and making an informed decision about which gun that you may purchase is important. We will look at the Aftermath Hitman airsoft rifle in greater detail and give you some important information about this rifle.

7 Day Ultimate Garden Route Xperience

This is the ultimate Garden Route adventure package brought to you by Xtreme Adventures. You will have the arrival day at your own leisure to relax and enjoy before your adventure that lies ahead or we can arrange for an activity for your enjoyment.

Mountainboards – A Guide to the Different Kinds of Mountainboards

There are many kinds of mountainboards out there, and while they all may look exactly alike there are small differences in each one of them that makes them better for certain things. In this article you will learn about the different kinds.

The Most Important Trainer Kite Exercise

Trainer kites – they’re great for practicing many different exercises that help you learn to kiteboard quicker. But of all the exercises, which should you focus on? Which are the most important? Which, if any, are the ones that you should practice at the very least?

The Geography of Quality Airsoft Rifles

For the past ten years, the airsoft market has been dominated by Taiwanese and Japanese manufacturers like ICS, Classic Army and Tokyo Marui. These companies produce high quality products and enjoy strong brand recognition, but, unfortunately, their reputation for quality comes with a high price tag.

Parachuting Methods

Your first thought when thinking about skydiving may be the typical image of someone parachuting in a jumpsuit from thousands of feet in the air. Did you know though, that there are some creative and exciting new additions in the skydiving field? Know more about parachuting methods. Read on.

Skateboard Shops Are All About the Fashion

It seems that now skateboard shops are just clothes shops now. They might occasionally have a few skateboard decks and a little cabinet with some trucks and wheels in but for the most part it is just fashion. Not only is it fashion but it is expensive fashion!

Treat Your Airsoft Rifle Right

While airsoft gear tends to be durable, I have come across a few prematurely broken electric airsoft sniper rifles in my time. More often than not, these rifles were victim to user misuse and abuse. I strongly believe that you should enjoy your airsoft gear to the fullest, but it’s also important to take care of your investment so that it will last for the long-haul.

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