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Want to Skydive?

Skydiving is considered as a popular extreme sport across the globe. You will see skydiving showcased in movies, television, in action movies, practical applications, reality TV shows, soda commercials, and military activities. People are lured to skydive because of the extreme nature of the sport – the exhilaration and the adrenaline rush it brings.

Know Your Parachuting Equipment

There is no doubt that parachuting is one of the most popular extreme sports there is. TV shows, movies, and different types of ads made this “dare devil” sport known by everybody. But I am very sad to say that this sport is very costly. Learn more about this extreme sport.

Comparing BB Guns and Airsoft Guns

There are many differences between airsoft and BB guns. It is important to be aware of these so you make the right decisions.

Learning to Skydive – The Basics Explained

Useful information and advice on going skydiving. Ideal for skydiving newbies as all of the basics of the sport are explained.

How to Play Paintball

All over the world paintball is quickly becoming a popular sport because it offers groups of people a way to enjoy hours of strategic game play. Folks from all types of backgrounds are enjoying this competitive, yet fun game.

Bunker in to Win Paintball Games

The enemy is encroaching. There is ammunition whizzing by overhead. You can hear your heartbeat in your ears. Your team has been forced to divide and you find yourself alone and outnumbered. The only thing that you have on your side is a vantage point to hide behind and assess the situation.

What is Paintball?

Paintball has become a popular game in the past several years. Although it is primarily targeted for teens and young adults, there are people of all ages who enjoy paintballing.

Protective Clothing is Key to Paintball Safety

Paintball is an action game played by both men and women, regardless of age and size. Each gun or rifle shoots small pellets filled with paintball markers instead of bullets. Unprotected skin will feel the sting of the balls from the paintball guns fired from various directions.

Paintball on a Budget

Paintball is a popular hobby, but it can quickly get expensive. Paintballs, equipment, and space to play all have costs associated with them. In these difficult economic times, people often think they cannot afford this hobby. The good news is that with some planning, paintball can fit into almost anyone’s budget.

Shark Dives in Hawaii

Shark diving in Hawaii is among the best in the world. So if you are planning to visit Hawaii, you can go on a trip and meet sharks. Something you will never forget.

Troubleshooting Your New Airsoft Gun – Part 2

You may notice that you new airsoft gun is not shooting coorectly. This may be due to improper hop-up setup. Many times users fail to set the hop-up.

Can You Use Your HQ Hydra on Land?

The answer to this question is yes! The bottom line is that you can use your water-relaunchable trainer kites anywhere that you can use a conventional kite, as well as on the water. But before you go flying your kite on the snow, there are a few things you should consider.

Troubleshooting Your New Airsoft Gun – Part 1

You may think that your new airsoft gun is defective or broken because it won’t work right out of the box. This may not be true. Follow these steps and your new airsoft gun may working properly.

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