Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun Efficiency Test | How Many Pods? | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

Tippmann Squad Buster Paint Grenade

The Tippmann Squad Buster is one of the oldest paintball grenades available on the market. While they do have their flaws, the Squad Buster is a reliable choice of paint-grenade that when used properly, will allow players to take out entire squads of enemies.

Zip Line Adventures – How to Get the Most From Your Zip Line Experience!

Zip lines offer anyone the chance to soar through the treetops. With a little prior planning, you can make your adventure one you will never forget!

Camoflage Paintball Gear – What Every Woodsballer Needs

In nature, camouflage is the ultimate tool for predators while hunting. Even we have taken example of this practice, and applied our own camouflage for hunting. Camo simply allows the wearer to avoid detection by masking their presence.

Combat Sports and the Ritual of Cutting Weight

This article is about combat sports and how the competitors typically have to cut weight for their chosen sport. The article body connects to the keywords because the keywords have to do with scales, which is the final test of whether a competitor has successfully cut the required weight or not.

Extreme Skydiving Videos – What They’re All About

Why call a sport such as Skydiving extreme, you may ask, when the sport itself seems to most people already an off the wall extreme thing to do? Many people have put this on their individual “bucket lists” as something to do before they die because of it’s extreme nature.

RAP4 AG1 Formula Paintballs

Without a doubt, if you try the RAP4 AG1 formula paintball, you will not go back to any other brand. These are the most reliable paintballs available to the general public.

Autococker Pump Gun – Convert to Pump With a Conversion Kit

Autocockers pump guns have seen some good times. They were spawned in popularity in early 90’s with the release of the WGP Sniper, but died in popularity as paintball turned to faster markers of the electronic kind. It wasn’t until recently that we have begun to see a push back into autococker technology.

Autococker Pump Guns & Conversion Kits

Pump autocockers have been around since nearly the beginning of paintball. WGP was the first company to release the autococker technology. In fact, every autococker that has been released has stemmed from their design.

Autococker Pump Guns & Kit – Benefit of Converting

Since the beginning of paintball, pump markers have coexisted with their semi-auto and full-auto counterparts. One of the first pump guns to truly spark the pump revolution was the WGP Sniper. The Sniper was built off of the autococker platform, and continues to be remembered as a staple in the history of paintball technology.

Rules of Shooting an Airsoft Shotgun

Airsoft is a great outdoor and indoor activity that everyone can enjoy playing but the most important aspect of having a fun game of Airsoft is the learning the rules of shooting an Airsoft gun. Improper use of an Airsoft gun can be deadly or cause serious bodily harm. This article will talk about the rules of shooting one of the most dangerous Airsoft weapon made available which is the Multi Shot Airsoft Shotgun.

Selection of Accessories For Wakeboard

There are several wake boarding equipments that may be found in the market nowadays. You can find plenty of wake-boarding accessories at the majority of professional shops intended for water sports. Even though there are only few wakeboard accessories which are necessary to start on top of wakeboard itself, there are some accessories that are helpful in making the experience more enjoyable and safer.

Essentials of Wake Boarding

Do you want to enjoy your vacation with you family or with sports enthusiasts as well? Then wake boarding is the perfect activity for those who are enjoying water sports and for those who are thrill seeker and are enthusiastic to learn about wake boarding. Wake boarding is a new board sport that has become popular in a few years time.

Wollongong, Australia With a Side of Skydiving

Wollongong is a bright and busy city situated in the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. Being the ninth largest city in Australia, this location has a beautiful water view and is altogether the touristic attraction. One of the main amusements is skydiving.

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