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The Top 6 Types Of Paintballing Games

From the birth of paintball, the way it’s played has been constantly expanding over the years, with different types of matches, providing loads of fun! Here are the top 6 types of paintballing games. These are the most popular, so if you have been paint balling before, then the chances are you’ve of played at least a few of these!

The Luxury of Loneliness – Mountainboarding on My Own

I’m standing on top of Black Mountain at 703 metres high. Black Mountain is on the border between England and Wales and is the highest peak in Herefordshire, which is why I’m here. Well, actually it isn’t.

Lightwind Kiteboarding Takes Off in 2010

A quick look at the market for lightwind kiteboarding kites and how brands have moved into it strongly in 2010. The article looks at new releases and the target customer for whom they are aimed.

Stock Class Paintball – Are You Up For The Challenge?

Bringing a knife to a gunfight is never recommended.  However, some people bring slower guns to a big gun fight.  These people are what you would call – challengers.

Paintball Pod Packs – 2 Clues of a Great Pod Pack

This past year I’ve come across two great packs that have forever since been on my radar. After seeing them in action, and doing some research, I had all the signs I needed to convince me of their quality. First off, what signs did I see?

An Innovative Approach to Kiteboarding

As many brands entered the kiteboarding market, most opted to created similar products but a few companies decided to do things their own way. Innovation and being different in this case has worked and created a niche brand with a cult following.

Airsoft Pistols – Protection and Fun

It is imperative in the world of today that every man takes all the necessary steps to protect him. Protection gives a peace of mind and calmness. Airsoft pistol is the best option for the people who are seeking protection along with recreation. Airsoft pistols are made just like the real guns; and let me tell you that they can ward off any assaulter.

Rafting Tours in Argentina

In this article you can find everything you ever wanted to know about the practice of rafting in Argentina. Read all about it and get ready for an experience that will blow your mind.

Paintball Markers and CO2 Tanks Part II

In the second part of this series, the paintball player is taught how to fill their own nitrogen tank. And the player is tutored on safe tank handling procedures.

Paintball Markers and CO2 Tanks Part I

So what is CO2 and how do I use it with paintball markers?   DEFINITION   CO2 is the chemical element for carbon dioxide. That is the stuff we exhale.

Winter Paintball: How to Own the Field When There’s Snow on the Ground

Don’t let cold weather keep you off the paintball field. With a little preparation and the right paintball gear, you can keep ‘balling throughout the winter. Learn how to take care of your paintball gun, yourself and your equipment during cold spells.

Paintball Accessories For A More Prepared Game

With the many new hobbies that has been becoming household names these days, paintball has been one of the most thrilling one. Aside from the fact that you chase someone and shoot your opponent seems to be very interesting, you also set some sort of targets which makes this game truly exciting. On the other hand, in order for you to really enjoy the thrill that is brought about by playing this game, you need to have complete paintball accessories.

Paintball Gear Bag – Want The Best, Biggest One Out There?

It seems that every paintball company out there is putting their hands into the gear bag marketplace.  Each business has their own variation/style to add to this growing niche within paintball.  It used to be that NO ONE was selling a decent bag for paintballers, but now, there’s hundreds of options available.

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