The PERFECT Squad Wipe! – Paintball #shorts

Airsoft Guns – Yes, This is the Answer

A number of people fear firearms or at least don’t like them and they have their reasons. Personally, I fear the downhill of a roller coaster and I don’t like playing with dolls or shell cold shrimp, yet, give me an airsoft gun in a combat field of friends and family and watch the excitement.

The Dirtsurfer – 2 Wheeled Off Road Skateboard Built For Speed

When most people see the Dirtsurfer in action, their heads turn. When you are riding one, it is a head turner and it sparks curiosity. Most people either don’t know about them and have never seen them, or are so impressed by it that they have to stop and ask you questions about it. The Dirtsurfer and other inline off road skateboards stray from your usual skateboard and are things of beauty.

Inline Board – An Intro to Off Road Inline Boards

An inline board is like a skateboard, except instead of there being four wheels there are only two. There are tons of different kinds of inline boards. All vary in size, style, and riding experience. Most are used on pavement, but there are at least a couple of inline boards out there that can be used off road.

Airsoft Guns – What Are They Anyway?

Airsoft guns, sounds like it could be the latest technology for the air brushing artist. Or perhaps, the latest in ear piercing mechanisms? No and No. Airsoft guns are the latest in toy gun replicas or BB guns.

Inline Skateboards – The Ultimate All Terrain Inline Skateboard

There are lots of skateboarding alternatives out there that each offer something different. If you are looking for an alternative to skateboarding, want to try something different, or are looking for something fun, challenging, and extreme to try, an inline skateboard may be what you are looking for.

Cheap Airsoft Guns – Are They Worth It?

I guess this is a fair question to ask when you’re shopping for an Airsoft Gun. Is a cheap airsoft Gun worth the money or should you spend the extra cash and buy a more expensive gun? I guess it all depends on who and what the gun is to be used for.

Paintball Birthday Party – How to Organise a Safe Paintball Party

Estimates from various organisations show that paintball is currently the fastest growing sport in the U.S and U.K. Because of its rising popularity, increasing amounts of parents are organising paintball parties for their kids. When children are playing paintball there are certain precaution’s that have to be taken to ensure your children’s safety, and in this article I will outline what they are.

Paintball Rules – Understanding the Basics

It is difficult to write a definitive set of paintball rules. There are many different branches of the sport and many different levels. Paintball can be played at a recreational level for a bit of fun with like-minded friends. Alternatively it can be on a more formal footing at commercial fields, or professional play at tournament level. There are the recreational options of woodsball, scenario and tactical paintball or the speedball option. However, underscoring all of these is the basic concept of the game and some established common features.

Night Vision Scopes For Fun Games in the Dark

There are a lot of things that you can play with your friends and family on those boring days. Most of the time you will think of playing something like Monopoly, or some other board games that will take you hours and just make you sleepy. Now, if it is dark outside, most of your will say that you cannot really go play outside. However, if you had a few pairs of night vision scopes you would be getting ready for some fun games in the dark.

About Wakeboarding and Wakeboard Equipment

Wakeboarding is generally a water sport and the challenge is to ride the wakeboard on the surface of the water. You are tied behind a boat which pulls you along as it moves and you maneuver your way accordingly while standing on the wakeboard.

Learn More About Wakeboard Bindings and Equipments

You would have heard these words around you, but do you actually know the meaning of wakeboard binding. Whether you are a novice or an experienced individual in this field, the article here brings answer to all your queries.

Ready, Set, Go Kiteboarders!

Kiteboarders from all over the nation and nearby countries participated and partied. This happened during the 1st Kiteboarding World Championship.

Airsoft Guns Vs Paintball Guns

It is safe to say that almost everyone knows that paint ball guns shoot paint balls, while airsoft rifles shoot plastic airsoft BBs. But the biggest differences between the 2 different types of guns, is what is inside of them. Each gun has its strong points and its weak points.

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