Stole his Elimination! – paintball #shorts

Another funny paintball short! While playing some outdoor paintball my buddy notices a player up ahead and before he could reload… I stole his paintball kill.


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FRAG OUT! How to Choose and Use Airsoft Hand Grenades!

There exist three categories of hand grenades: dummy, sound and BB ejecting grenades. Learn which are best for your type of airsoft gun play and the differences between the grenades.

Improving Play Strategies With Paintball Bags

For longer games, a paintball bag can help improve strategy and the odds of winning. While games in a prefabricated course may last five minutes to an hour, a game in a rural or abandoned urban environment can last for hours. Some larger scale games have been known to last for days, involving hundreds of players, a vast playscape, and a variety of shifting alliances and strategies.

A Guide to Getting Prepared for BMX Riding

BMX riding is a fun-filled and exciting sport. It is one of those sports that are largely popular among people of all age groups. However, to become an expert in BMX riding one need to have proper understanding of the different equipments involved in it. Starting from bike to protection accessories, there are numerous minute details to take care of.

Motocross Apparel to Keep You Warm When Riding in the Colder Months

Riding is a way of life for many motorcycle owners. Which means that come winter time, bikers will still be biking in spite of the drop in temperature. And while there is a certain rhythm that must be learned when riding in snow covered and ice covered roads, it’s the cold climate that can be the most challenging for riders to overcome. Learn about essential motocross apparel for keeping warm while riding in the cold.

Motocross Tricks – How Motorcycle Helmets Ensure A Safe Practice Every Time

Performing flips and stunts on motorcycles can seem like a daunting task for even the most experienced rider. Flipping a machine ranging in weight from 150 – 200 pounds seems like a dangerous task, indeed, for someone who has yet to try it. That’s why only a select few riders out of the millions of motorcycle riders around the world can boast to be ‘freestylers.’

Choices of an Airsoft Sniper Part 2 of 2

In part one I covered some areas like; should I buy a bolt action or a semi-auto or what style of rifle? These are really personal issues, so only you can decide. What is the best scope? Maybe it should be how much of a good scope can you afford? Scopes like guns are not cheap, but they last a long time. So buy the best that you can afford.

What to Wear When Riding Stunt Scooters

When you are on the go on your stunt scooter you want to make sure that you put on clothing that is comfortable to ride in, offers protection against bails and scrapes, clothes that look nice and that won’t get trashed in a couple of sessions. Finding good stunt scooter clothing can be hard on the high street with the small amount of skate clothing outlets, although online you will find great choice all the top skate clothing brands including Vans, DC, Enjoi and Volcom.

Choices For an Airsoft Sniper Part 1 of 2

Being a sniper for a squad on an Airsoft combat team is not an easy task. You have a lot of decisions to make about your gear before going to the field to play. Which rifle shall you buy, what about a scope, do I need a ghillie suit (a what?) this and many more. I’ll try to answer some of these and other concerns.

Build Your Own Stunt Scooters Skatepark

If you are sick and tired of consistently being asked to move from public areas or on the streets and if you live a long car journey away from an indoor or outdoor skate park, why not have a go at making your own mini skatepark for you and other riders to ride your stunt scooters on. There are various of different ways to make your own skatepark for stunt scooters, including assembling one that doesn’t move in your front or back garden or by having a few ramps that you can take outside, to a park or to a friend’s house whenever you feel like practising.

Quiet Paintball Barrels

When playing paintball, it is always better to use a quiet paintball barrel for obvious reasons. Reasons being that you don’t want your opponent to know where you are shooting from, so that they won’t know where you are and you will be harder to locate.

What to Take When Riding Stunt Scooters

When you are about to go out riding on your stunt scooter it is always a good idea to get prepared and pack up items you may need when out before you leave. Most indoor skate parks will have lockers for bags where you can leave your stuff safely, otherwise you could keep a bag with your items on when riding or leave one with a friend who is having a break from doing tricks on the streets or outdoor skate park.

Airsoft Battle Days: A Checklist

How do you prepare for an airsoft game? What should you make sure to do and check before heading out to the airsoft field?

Basic Paintball Tactics – How to Own the Paintball Field

Want to dominate at your next paintball game? First-time player looking to learn the ropes? Find out exactly how paintball is played, how you can win more games, and what you can do to run up your eliminated player count!

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