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All About Pump Paintball Markers

Paintball is one of the sports which utilize guns as a main tool. Without these paintball guns, paintball will not be paintball because a paintball cannot shoot itself alone. Paintball guns or paintball markers, as how enthusiasts call it, were first invented in the year 1970 by James Hale of the Daisy Manufacturing and was first used as an instrument to make markings on trees and livestock by farmers and herdsmen.

Good Ol’ Pump Paintball Guns

Ever heard of Pump Paintball Guns? I bet if you’re a paintball enthusiast, you’d immediately identify what a pump paintball gun is. Though, in this modern time, all paintball guns are no longer called by that name but are generally called as paintball markers, its more politically correct term as they say.

Paintball Origins – The Game, the Gun

For paintball novices, some might wonder how this cool sport have originated. Let me tell you, it doesn’t go that much far from here.

Paintball Masks

When you play paintball, you would like to protect your face. And by wearing a paintball mask, you can do exactly just that. A paintball mask is an important protective gear worn when playing paintball.

Paintball Mask – Protecting Your Face

Do you like playing paintball? It’s a rough game. You could get hit possibly anywhere.

Pump Paintball – There’s No School Like Old School

One of the world’s most exciting outdoor participation sports to date is the sport known as paintball. Paintball is a sport that is played, enjoyed, and shared by all the generations. It is a sport that is played in over forty countries by millions of men, women, and children, with varying background. But the one thing in common with all of these people is the love for fun, adventure, and their strong competitive spirits.

Paintball Accuracy – How to Quickly Improve Your Shooting Skills

Like most competitive sports the more you practise the skills involved in paintball the better you will become at the sport. So in this article I will outline two drills that are currently used by professional paintball players that you will be able to copy to improve the accuracy of your shooting quickly.

Essential Weapons and Gadgets For a Paintball Sniper

To be a paintball sniper, you must not only possess the attitude and exceptional skill for being a sharpshooter, but you must equip yourself well with all the different weapons and gadgets needed to play the role. A paintball sniper is one of the most vital players in a paintball game because if all its team members were shot, snipers can still win the game with proper game tactics and skills. A paintball sniper really needs a good set of sniper guns.

The Important Role of a Paintball Sniper in a Paintball Game

If you are wondering about paintball, here is discussed a kind of paintball player that is vital in playing the game; the sniper. A paintball sniper is one of the most demanding and exciting role in playing paintball. Its role in the paintball field is usually the one that shoots the targets from a masked or hidden location.

Paintball Gun Packages

Paintball gun packages are offered by most paintball gun shops, dealers and paintball gun manufacturers. They offer an ideal start up kit for players new to the sport, or players on a tight budget. They give you all you need to get you out there on the playing field. However, are the package deals as useful as they seem on the surface?

BMX Knee Brace – Get the Best BMX Knee Protection! Special Report on Protective Gear

BMX riding is great, however you will only be an observer if you are not able to ride because of knee pan. This free information will help you to choose the best knee brace for your knees.

New Paintball Guns – How to Get Paintballing Guns For Cheap

Most people who play paintball at one point or another end up buying their own paintball guns for convenience and better performance. A good paintball marker can cost anywhere from £200 to over a £1,000, which is a large amount of money for your average paintball player.

The Paintball Hopper – Different Types

The paintball hopper, or loader, is the part of the gun that stores the ammo and feeds it into the chamber. The hopper type will greatly affect the speed, reliability and weight of the marker. Although there is a wide variety of paintball hoppers available on the market, they fall broadly into four main categories: force fed, agitating, gravity fed and stick fed.This article will highlight the differences between the types.

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