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Paintball is the Ultimate Boot Camp Style Workout

If you’re looking for a military-style workout, you might want to try the sport of paintball. Paintball play increases your aerobic capacity, your muscle strength, your coordination, and your sense of fair play.

A Detailed Guide to Airsoft Pistols

Are you looking to purchase an airsoft pistol? This article is a detailed guide about how to choose the right airsoft pistol for your needs.

Win Paintball – Professional Strategies to Help You Win More Games

Anyone who plays paintball regularly wants to win for two reasons: it’s a competitive team sport and the losing team usually gets hit with more paintballs which hurts. So, in this article I will outline strategies used by professionals that will help you to win more games.

Jumping Stilts Are the New Extreme Sport

Jumping Stilts are a now considered an extreme sport by many people. This product is known under a number of brand names: Powerstrider, League Boots, Powerisers, Powerskips, AirTrekker, Pro-Jumps, Flyjumpers, and a few others that are new and emerging ones.

A Detailed Guide to Airsoft and Airsoft Machine Guns

The sport of airsoft is quickly becoming one of the fastest hobbies among teens and young adults. Learn the facts about not only the sport, but also some of the realistic machine guns that are available.

Airsoft Gun Reviews – How to Use Them to Find Great Guns

We all know that finding a positive review on a gun can influence the decision to buy it. But are all those reviews you will find really useful? Here are some tips on how to use the airsoft gun reviews to your advantage and find a great gun based on what others are saying.

Paintball Masks – Keeping Your Face Safe!

Some sports such as hockey or football have a large list of safety gear ranging from shin guards to shoulder pads and helmets to name a few. But paintball really only has one wearable piece of safety equipment; the mask.

How to Kitesurf Or Kiteboard – Several Tips For Learning Kitesufing Or Kiteboarding

A how-to guide on kiteboarding | kitesurfing for beginners. Kiteboarding or kitesurfing (surfing with a kite) is popular because they allow people to indulge two thrills-boarding and flying. The kites also allow more time for tricks and stunts as they give the rider more hang time. If you’re looking to learn how to do this sport, it’s best to get instructions from a professional; if however, you are simply interested in reading the very basics, this article is for you.

Buying the Right Paintball Gun

All paintballs guns are not created equal and if you’re new to the game there are things you need to know. What to look for when buying a paintball gun.

Paintball Eye Injuries – How to Prevent Them

In comparison to more mainstream sports such as football paintball is a relatively safe sport, with very few serious injuries. The serious injuries that occur are usually to the eyes of players, with most cases being preventable. In this article I will outline how you can greatly reduce the risk of sustaining any eye injury while playing paintball.

The Top Three Airsoft Sniper Rifles

A quick reference guide the the three most popular airsoft sniper rifles. Made by Barrette Fire arms Manufacturing Inc. in Tennessee, the Barrette M82 is among the most popular .50 caliber sniper rifles used in military and police units.

A Detailed Guide to Electric Airsoft Pistols

Are you looking to purchase a Electric Airsoft Pistols? Learn the facts about these amazing toys before you buy.

A Detailed Guide to Co2 Airsoft Guns

Are you looking to buy a Co2 Airsoft Gun? Learn the facts about these realistic toys before you buy.

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