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All Star Paintball Tournament – Who is the Best Paintball Player in the World?

How cool would it be to have a paintball tournament with the best paintball players in the world? Well that may be what is coming our way because it has been rumored in various paintball circles that an all star paintball tournament may become a reality sometime soon. Nope, there have not been any contracts written yet, but people are talking, and we like that!

Kayak Helmets

The number one thing that you have to get, once you have got your kayak, is a kayak helmet. There are many different kinds of kayak helmets out there like the WRSI Kayak Helmets and Predator Helmets. The main thing that you have to remember is that you cannot base your purchase on style alone. Granted that you can get them in various colors and styles, but you have to get one that suits your head the best.

5 Essential Paintball Accessories

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared; especially when you’re playing paint ball. Paint ball is a sport that requires you to be on top of your game at all times if you want to win, and if you want to win you’re going to need more than a paintball gun.

Paintball Gear Pants – Why You Should Get a Pair

Throughout the years paintball has exploded to become an internationally known sport. With multiple playing options and styles, ranging from woods play to tournament and back again, paintball is highly mold-able to fit the needs and wants of people worldwide. With each playing style and game format comes different gear.

Examining Types of Tactical Gear

There are many benefits to using tactical gear in the game of airsoft. I will examine some of these factors in this article.

Paintballing Pants – Why You Need a Pair

Paintball has exploded to become an internationally recognized sport. With locations worldwide, and the continuing aggressive nature of pro-activists pushing to get it on prime-time TV – paintball is here to stay. While the sport has seen more game formats and changes than we’ve seen many celebrities make, the sport is still a lot newer than other mainstream sports, meaning will probably see more formats and changes before it reaches the perfect format.

Pants For Paintball – Why They Are Necessary

Paintball clothing has grown with paintball to have a mind of its own. Paintball pants are more pricier and complex than ever, but to the experienced player, they are a necessity.

Airsoft Vs Paintball – Match, Competition, Game

Many people want to know the answer to airsoft vs paintball. There is an ongoing rivalry between Airsoft and paintball, both are extreme sports that share many of the same qualities, and have the same premise; shoot your opponents.

Constructing a Paintball Rifle Sniper Style – The Big 3 Mistakes

Shrink it, shorten it and raise it. These three paintball sniper rifle modifications will improve your effectiveness as a tactical paintball sniper.

The Raid Gauloises – Why it Propelled Adventure Racing

The Raid Gauloises helped bring adventure racing to the world. Here is a look back at this great race.

The Latest Buzz – Jumping Stilts

Jumping stilts have managed to gain a lot of importance as thrilling applications. These were invented in the year 1999 by a man named Alexander Bock in Germany. These were innovated by the motion of the Kangaroo tripping around and there are a number of manufacturers who also term these Jumping Stilts as Kangaroo Jumps.

Getting a Cheap Spring Airsoft Pistol

Getting a cheap spring pistol may seem unnecessary if you already have a better airsoft gun, but there are several benefits to owning this kind of backup airsoft gun. I will lay out two major benefits of “springers” in this article, and by the time you have finished reading, you will no doubt want to get up out of your seat and buy an airsoft pistol immediately.

Five Top Tips For White Water Rafting on a Stag Do

Stag do’s and especially those incorporating adventure sports such as white water rafting are brilliant fun for the whole stag group. These excellent tips will ensure your stag weekend is a success.

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