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10 Great Australian Skydiving Locations

Australia is well-known for extreme sports and skydiving is definitely one of those sports. Because citizens in this country like to sky dive, it is only fair to point out the best skydiving locations in the country. This is so beginners and seasoned divers can seriously enjoy themselves with quality packages, great instructors, and affordable experiences. Here are some of the 10 great Australian skydiving locations at the present time.

Why Parachuting and Skydiving Are Safe As a Bank

There is a misconception that parachuting and skydiving are not very safe. This is probably because of the “caught on tape” television shows that show sky divers falling out of the sky with no parachute because it didn’t deploy. The good news is that when you go tandem skydiving or you begin skydiving on your own, there are so many safety precautions put in place that it is difficult for any disaster to occur. Here are the safety precautions that are put in place.

Why Are Airsoft Guns in High Demand?

Possessing a real weapon is beyond reality for many people. This is mainly due to the requirement of acquiring a license and high cost. Airsoft Guns are the next best alternative.

Rip N Roll Motocross Goggles

Over the last few years, the motocross industry has been flooded by new brands. Exhaust systems, clothing and even goggles, there are more manufacturers now than ever before. One of the best new brands though, is Rip ‘N Roll, which offer Rip N Roll Motocross Goggles. A lot of motocross riders choose to use a standard goggle which has a two-pin lens, allowing tear offs to be fitted easily. With new improved roll off systems now available though, a lot of people are moving towards this system rather than the traditional tear offs. Rip N Roll Motocross Goggles have become somewhat of a phenomenon, with riders all over the world now using them.

Ultralight Flying – Understanding FAR Part 103

A look at understanding of FAR part 103 and how it pertains to ultralight flying. FAR part 103 is the Federal Aviation Regulations section that pertains to ultralight vehicles. This article will simplify what FAR part 103 says and what it means to the new ultralight pilot.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding in Lanzarote

Northern Europe offers on bleak Hang gliding and Paragliding conditions in winter time. Lanzarote is about as far south as you can go and still be in Europe. Winter in Lanzarote offers great flying conditions with dependable warm weather.

Rules For Paintball

This article present the paintball players the do’s and don’ts of playing paintball. These rules apply to woodballers or field players. It is always good to review the rules.

Airsoft Basics 101 – How to Play Airsoft

Airsoft Basics – Learn the Basics of This Extreme Sport Airsoft is a popular sport, with the added interest of real looking guns. Airsoft is an extreme sport which can be dangerous and therefore protection is essential.

Modern Kiteboarding – The Types of Kites

So you want to be a kiteboarder, but do you know what kind of kite to fly? Without splitting too many hairs regarding one kite’s exact characteristics versus another, here are the main categories of kite design, and the general characteristics of the kites that fit into them.

Listen Up Newbie! What You Need To Know – II

This article is for the new player. It is the 2nd in a series entitled Listen Up Newbie. The article gives instruction, encouragement, and, solutions to use for playing the game of Paintball.

Listen Up Newbie! What You Need To Know

This ARTICLE is for the new paintball player. It is part of a two part article. And it is aimed to give instructions and advice for new players.

The Joy of Paintball

There is a joy to paintball that can only be experienced first hand. You get the adrenaline rush, of your life, without endangering your own. Paintball is also a team sport that fosters friendship and team building skills.

Fun With Paintball Guns

Opening a paintball arena has become a profitable business nowadays. Paintballing is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages. It is a recreational sport that is very unique and is increasing in popularity these days. There are many people who are into first person shooter games and paintballing is always an instant hit with them. It gives you a chance to release all your energy and stress.

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