Rating Your Paintball Gear, Rate My Gear #41 Pt2 | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

Rating Your Paintball Gear, Rate My Gear #41 Pt2
Tony and Mark are back for another rate my gear. The Rate My Gear group is on Facebook. Show us your gear in this Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/610080742675163/

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The Jerky Den

About Airsoft Guns

What are steel airsoft weapons? They are guns which are duplicated after actual firearms. They can project plastic pellets instead of actual ammunition. All around the world, thousands of people appreciate these objects in a variety of techniques, mainly for fun uses, although they are occasionally employed appropriately as a solution to train people who will likely be making use of real firearms in their type of work.

First Time Playing Paintball

People often anticipate and fear the first time they play paintball. Questions that typically come to mind are, “Does it hurt?” and “Is it dangerous?” The truth is, paintball is a fun game for most people who don’t mind a little minor pain here and there.

Choosing the Best Paintball Gear

The sport/hobby of paintball is a lot of fun. But it can be fairly dangerous if you do not have the right paintball gear to protect yourself.

Paintball – A Popular War Game

Paintball is a popular sport involving teams competing against each other in simulated warfare. These contests are held in fields, forests, wooden forts, or any combination of the above and often feature various obstacles and barriers that allow for strategic game play. Games generally involve various objectives, such as Capture the Flag or Elimination.

Kiteboarding Techniques for Self Launching, Using An Object Assisted Self Launch

This article is part of a series of articles on techniques for launching a leading edge inflatable kiteboarding kite without the assistance of another person. There are numerous ways for a kiteboarder to successfully self, or solo, launch a kite, however in any self launch there is inherently more risk than in an assisted launch. Therefore the techniques described should be practiced and refined under the supervision of a professional kite instructor before being attempted.

Canoes and Kayaks – Which One to Choose?

If you are one of those people who admire sailing in extreme conditions, then you are more likely in a situation where you do not know what to choose, whether canoes or kayaks. However, there are some questions that you must answer before you make any purchase of a sea craft.

Extreme BodyBoarding!

If you are looking for fun, and are interested in water sports, you definitely need to consider bodyboard. What is the bodyboard? Well, you know surfing, right?

There’s Nothing Like Colorado White Water Rafting!

When it comes time for a family vacation, anyone who loves the outdoors agrees that white water rafting is an awesome choice for a vacation adventure. But choosing where to go for the best ride and most beautiful scenery can seem like a challenge.

Knowing The Difference In Motocross Equipment

If you are passionate about racing bikes then it is important that you have the right equipment to secure yourself, because there are more chances of falling off the bike or getting into an accident, even if you are an expert biker. Motocross equipment is the best thing that you should wear whenever you are racing with your friends or on the race track. There are hundreds of different types of motocross equipment available on the web, but you need to buy only those that can keep you alive even in the most tragic accident.

Paragliding for Newbies – Five Commandments

Paragliding may not be the safest hobby, but we can minimize our risk by following the fundamentals, learning from a reputable school, and by leaning to the side of caution when in doubt. For those of you who are new in the sport I’ve compiled a personal list of 10 guidelines that will keep you safer and happier in the air. Here is part one of two.

Where To Find Airsoft Guns for Sale

As with most recreational sports items, the best place to find an airsoft gun to purchase is online. Often a person can find information background information, compare prices and compare features all in one place. Additionally, you can take the time to consider the purchase before pulling the trigger (pun intended) and the product can be delivered right to your home.

Jet Ski Safety Tips

Summertime at the lake can be a great time for family and friends to relax, have fun, and experience some high-speed thrills riding jet skis. These watercraft can provide a very enjoyable leisure activity to pass the days on the water, but they can also be very dangerous and even deadly if operated recklessly or without proper precautions. And while jet skis are much smaller than boats and other watercraft, they need to be treated with care to ensure the safety of riders and other individuals in the water.

Have Fun And Excitement With Motocross Games

If you want thrill on games, Motocross game is one of the most heart-pounding, adventurous kind of motorcycle sports. It was believe that in Great Britain, the first races influence motocross racing as a competition. The revolutionary factor in motocross sport was originated from the British versions. Back in 1924, in Camberley, Surrey, Great Britain, the first scrambling was held.

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