Playing The “W” Bunkers | How To Play Paintball
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In this video we go over how to play the new “W” bunkers that the NXL and Millennium Series have implemented.

Watch. Learn. Win.

How to Windsurf – Lesson 4 – Harness and Footstraps

Once we get the han of windsurfing we want to start making our sessions on the water last longer and be more enjoyable. This means learning how to windsurf using the harness to give the arms a break and use the footstraps to increase our control over the board.

Biking, Rowing, Running and Climbing to Music Is Great But Watch Where You Are Going

Over the years, I’ve participated in many extreme type sports, and I’ve always loved to push my body and brain to the limits. The faster you go, the more the adrenal glands are likely to shoot hot lava into your system. Couple that with the fatigue factor and endorphin rush, and you have something better than any natural or artificial drug, I’d guess.

100-Mile Marathons and Chase Apparatus – A Potential UAV Application

The other day, I was talking to a family member who had a good friend who ran a 100-mile ultra-marathon. When he told me about this, and the fact that it took his friend over 25 hours to complete the event, I was duly impressed. This took place in the California Mountains above Pasadena and it included 50,000 feet of up and down hills, mostly all on trails.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying an Airsoft Sniper Rifle

A short guide to picking out an airsoft sniper rifle. 6 Key points to consider before purchasing a rifle.

Motocross: A Thrilling As Well As Adventurous Sport!

Motocross is an exciting as well as adventurous sport activity that involves the use of motorcycles. It is the most popular and the most demanding sport. So, several motocross competitions are conducted in various countries – like Switzerland. This sport activity is highly demanding in all weather conditions. The word ‘motocross’ is a combination of the words ‘motorcycles’ and ‘cross country’.

3 Awesome Extreme Sports

When you think of sports what do you think of? Maybe you think of football, soccer, basketball or baseball. Well, in the world of sports there is much more than just the classic sports you always hear about.

5 Things to Avoid When Racing Dirt Bikes

Motocross is a very popular sport. It’s action packed, competitive and very focused on personal progression. Although it is a very fun sport and many people take part in it, there are things that you need to make sure you avoid.

Living On The Edge – How To Do A Free Running Front Flip?

Determined to join the other hip kids in the neighbourhood who spend their spare time effortlessly leaping off tall buildings like they’re Spiderman? To have any chance twisting, tumbling and leaping like you’re Tim “Livewire” Shieff, you’ll have to master the front flip first, one of free running’s indispensable moves. To help you master this classic free running move with ease and efficiency, take a look at the following front flip tips.

Winner’s Circle Guide To Paintball Equipment – The Best Tournament Paintball Gear

In competition paintball, players climb the ranks to compete for cash prizes, bragging rights and lucrative sponsorships. Winning requires a combination of athletic prowess, skill, teamwork, strategy and very specific types of paintball equipment. In fact, the gear you choose can make or break you no matter how good of an athlete you are. For the most consistent performance, choose paintball equipment that best matches your experience level. Just like many other sports, paintball has a gradient of expertise players experience as their skills progress with more practice; such is also the case with paintball guns and gear. Keep reading this article to learn more about specific types of competition paintball equipment to use for the best results on the field regarding your particular skill level.

3 Reasons You Should Race Dirt Bikes

Some people don’t want to ride dirt bikes let alone race them. However, there are many reasons you should get into this amazing sport.

How to Windsurf – Lesson 3 – Tacking and Jybing

During the initial stages of our windsurfing life we turn with very basic methods such as the 180 degree turn which has very little technique to it. As we progress we start to learn the tack and the jybe which are faster and more stable ways of turning. In this post we will look at these two manoeuvres to set a foundation for future progression.

Get Ready For A Zorbing Frenzy

Zorbing is going to get a lot more international attention very soon. So, far this is just a rumor, but rumor has it, the amazing Zorb Ball is going to be featured in the 2014 Sochi, Russia Olympics. That kind of attention with the world watching is sure to propel the sport to new levels.

5 Reasons You Should Be Concerned About Arm Pump

Riding dirt bikes is a lot of fun and exciting. If you ride dirt bikes often then you have probably experienced arm pump before. Learn about how it negatively effects your riding.

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