Paintball Unfunny Moments #8 (Paintball Fails)

Jetboat Sydney – 7 Reasons Why You Need To Do A Ride

A Sydney experience is never complete without doing a jetboat ride on the harbor’s waters. What is it that makes a jetboat ride in Sydney a must for every tourist and local? Find out why.

S-Thunder Grenade Launcher – Looking at The S-Thunder Composite Pistol Grip M203 Grenade Launcher

One of the new items that have become very popular is the M203 grenade launchers. Many people use the launchers that fit under their gun. However these launchers can add extra weight and take up space making other equipment like fore grips unuseable. To solve this problem S-thunder recently launched a the new S-Thunder Composite grenade launcher pistol. This is a single shot hand-held pistol launcher. It will hold a standard length M203 shell such as S-Thunders own Shocker Shell.

10 Jetboat Facts You Didn’t Know

If you are considering going on a jetboat ride and what to know a little bit more about the activity you are getting into, here are some interesting facts about jetboats that you probably don’t know. These exhilirating rides are awesome and make a great gift too!

The Revolutionary Sport Of Kiteboarding

Water sports have always been popular, and one of those sports is kiteboarding. This form of sport has become more popular over the last few years and many people all around the world has started to take it up for a leisurely activity. This is here to give you some information into kiteboarding that you may need to know if you are about to take it up. But if you do not already know what this is, here is some information.

How To Clean Your Paintball Marker

Cleaning your paintball marker is an essential function all players will eventually have to undergo. Knowing how to clean it properly will save you time and money in the long run. Regular cleaning is part of the necessary maintenance involved with owning a paintball gun and playing the game.

Extreme Croquet – No Prisoners Taken!

Extreme croquet is about as far from the polite image of lawn croquet as a bar-room brawl using inverted pool cues is from the hushed professionalism of a world championship billiard match. The first players dressed in kitsch 1940s clothing; modern players recommend Kevlar vests and crash helmets. Mountainsides and gullies have replaced the smoothly cut grass of the polite sport of lords and ladies.

Kiteboarding Gear Maintenance – Kite Control Bar Pre Flight Inspection

Many kiteboarders use a single control bar to fly all their kites off of. Breaking a line on a control bar is a sure reason for swimming or walking back in. Here is a list of the main areas of wear and tear on the kite control bar to inspect before every use to prevent gear failure when out riding.

Kiteboarding Equipment Maintenance, Pre Flight Kite Inspection

For kiteboarders out riding in the ocean waves, across lakes, or through the snow, there is a lot riding on the proper functioning of their equipment. A failure in gear means a swim or walk back to the car, and with the ability to fly at high speeds across all kinds of terrain, from big waves to deep snow, kiters can find themselves miles from where they started with very challenging conditions to lug broken gear back in. Ensuring your kiteboarding equipment is in good working order before every session is a safety precaution that every kiter should take to minimize the chances of gear failure when out riding.

Kiteboarding Equipment Maintenance – Board Inspection

Kiteboards are built tough and are unlikely to break over the course of their life, but there are a few elements of any board to inspect before riding. Here is a pre-ride checklist for kiteboards, and some repair tips for common damage.

Common Mishaps When Four Wheel Driving

Four wheel driving is a very popular recreational sport, and it’s getting more and more popular. What people don’t realize though is that there is a lot of potential for things to go wrong. Of course, by having the right knowledge and equipment you will almost completely eliminate those problems, but you need to be aware of what can go wrong, so that you can react correctly…

The Best Sniper Paintball Gear

Playing the sniper position on the paintball field is extremely exhilarating – especially if you’re using the right equipment. A paintball sniper’s gear is very specific and is what sets his position apart from all others. Sniper equipment will help you become invisible in your environment and upgrade your shooting skills to an expert marksman in a minute.

Kiteboarding – 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

You might be an expert surfer. You might be an advanced kite flyer. How about being both? Kiteboarding is a combination of most watersports and kiting and has swept the world over the years. The result, a sport that has more fans than a top billed matinee idol. Here are some facts about a hybrid sport that most likely you did not know.

Why a Bungy Jump Is a Great Gift

A bungy jump gift certificate could be the only thing that your friend/relative/boss needs to spice up their predicable life. Sounds interesting? That’s not even half of why this is the most ideal gift. It is an all occasion gift, for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or a token of appreciation, a bungy jumping gift certificate is sure to perk up someone’s day. You can give it during winter for them to have something to look forward to at spring break or summer too!

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