Paintball Unfunny Moments #2 (Paintball Fails)

From PRZ paintball comes paintball unfunny moments #2. These are the best paintball fails and funny moments caught at an abandoned military hospital. If I remember correctly this gameplay was from Operation Honey Badger 7.

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Base Layers For Women Are An Absolute Necessity

It is very common for skiers and those actively engaged in outdoor sports activities to be heavily swathed in protective layers of clothing. They truly look overwhelmed and sometimes dwarfed by so much clothing but have to carry on manfully for getting the desired protection from extreme cold.

Gearing Up With Mountaineering Apparel

As any climber well-knows, mountaineering is one of the most awesomely intense confrontations with nature that a person can undertake. Even the most straight-forward and basic of expeditions is a gruelling one-on-one face-off with extreme conditions.

Base Layers For Men And How They Work

Men who love outdoor sports just cannot keep away from indulging in those activities and should therefore ensure that they are fully protected from cold weather conditions. Some men find additional protective clothing such as inner clothing and outer jacket to be a burden. They find them hindering free movement when they are playing.

3 Principle Snowboarding Skills

Learning how to snowboard is not just about standing up and sliding down the hill. While that will be the first step in the process, it is important that you develop the necessary skills in order to become adept at snowboarding, speeding downhill, and carving up the slopes.

Affordable Mens Mountain and Ski Wear

Unarguably, there are certainly cheaper hobbies that one can have than skiing or mountain climbing. However, one might reasonably ask, “Are those hobbies anywhere near as rewarding?” The answer, of course, is, “Decidedly not.” The skiing and mountaineering industries are truly massive, bringing in millions in revenue every year.

Essential Top Layer Snowboarding Gear

The outer layer, or the top layer is going to be that barrier between you and the cold wind and other elements of fun you’ll encounter due to the weather. Most of your body heat will be trapped within the first two layers, so the clothes on the top layer is going to need to be able to maintain a good barrier between you, snow and water, while at the same time allowing moisture vapour to escape.

Why Paintball Players Use Pod Packs

Though one could use a larger hopper to make up for having few, if any, extra pods, this is not common practice. A larger hopper not only makes a larger target, but can be also very unwieldy in a firefight due to increased weight and size.

The Importance of Motocross Training Facilities

Motocross is one of the most adventurous sports to be a part of. It’s full of thrills, energy, excitement, and competition. While motocross can be an absolute joy, it’s important that you have proper training to participate to ensure safety while maintaining a competitive edge.

The Airsoft Minigun Is For The Serious Airsoft Enthusiast

There are all types and brands of airsoft guns on the market, but if you get a hold of an airsoft minigun you’ll definitely be the envy of all the airsoft enthusiasts in your area. An airsoft minigun packs a powerful and fast wallop that will give you a huge advantage. But some come at an equally huge price.

Speed Flying – Meet the Newest Member of the Paragliding Family

Although the terms Paragliding and Parasailing are commonly mixed up, most people have an idea of what the two sports look like. As a quick refresher, paragliding is the act of non-powered, foot launched flight (not being towed behind a boat). To make things even more confusing, now there is a new sport thrown into the mix.

Top 5 CQB Airsoft Guns

CQB stands for close quarters battles, which are some of the most exciting games in the world of airsoft. CQB games can take place indoors or outdoors and are often set up inside converted warehouses. They are more fast-paced than normal games and the combat takes place in a closer proximity to the opponents.

Speed Flying – The New Alternative to BASE Jumping

Ten years ago most people would have drawn a blank at the mention of BASE jumping, a fringe extreme sport that involves throwing one’s self from cliffs and buildings with a parachute. Today, even those in their Golden Years are familiar with the sport, and might even be familiar with some of the technical terminology.

Airsoft Team Positions

Airsoft is a versatile game. It can be played in warehouses or outside in forests or fields. Many scenarios can be run through, and many different situations can be encountered.

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