Paintball Unfunny Moments #1 (Paintball Fails)

Paintball Unfunny Moments! The best paintball fails and the best paintball funny moments from commando action center at the DDAY paintball event. Like airsoft cheaters; we have have paintball cheaters too!


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Understanding Your Airsoft Necessities

Airsoft is an exciting, fast-growing sport that pits two teams against each other in mock combat. The learning curve is fairly low and it’s an easy sport for anyone to get in to. However, there are a few pieces of equipment that are needed before jumping in to a game at the local field.

Kitesurfing Information for Costa Rica

Does this sound like you? You have worked the last 65 weeks straight with little to no vacation. You have missed all the good kitesurfing days and heard all the stories from your friends, and were seriously jealous. Well now you can put an end to it.

What Does It Cost to Start Playing Airsoft?

For a new airsoft aficionado or an airsoft guru looking to upgrade with new parts, this article details the start up costs of airsoft game play. This looks into the top quality Asian airsoft brands most airsoft players use to begin or upgrade.

Snowboard With a Free Mind and Body With Adequate Snowboard Protection

Snowboarding as a sport requires superb agility and caliber. The right kind of snowboard protection will give your body the freedom and ease it requires to hone your talent to competency. The importance of protective gear can be understood from the fact that any injury can prohibit you from pursuing your favorite sport further.

What Are Extreme Sports?

An extreme sport can be defined as any activity that has a real or perceived high level of danger. This can be anything from bungee jumping to hang gliding, scuba diving to snowboarding and rock climbing to extreme ironing – literally anything that gets your adrenaline pumping can be classed as extreme!

Complete Your Battle Gear With Airsoft Accessories

Airsoft is a unique recreational activity for it is one of the few sports (if it can indeed be called a sport) out there that can simulate a real military battle. Players are of course armed with airsoft guns that are designed to emulate the appearance of actual firearms used by soldiers in battle, and the teams of players will need to work together and actually employ military tactics for them to be able to achieve their objectives, which is what soldiers do in battle. And while the airsoft gun is easily the most important item that every aspiring…

Paintball Gun Accessories For Even The Most Daring Tactical Paintballer

Regardless of whether you are a weekend warrior or a die hard tactical warfare paintballer, there are many different paintball gun accessories that can improve your performance. From more paintballs to higher stability, there is an accessory that will make you stronger and more accurate in any field maneuvers.

Stunt Scooter Skills

A question that newer riders frequently ask is what is required to get better at riding stunt scooters. Although the best way to get better is simply practising frequently and getting steadily better, there are some skills you can have will help you become a superior rider.

Speed Flying – The Newest Adventure Sport You Just Might Want to Try

With online videos now a part of our daily life, you have no doubt been made aware of such activities as Wingsuit BASE Jumping or Jetpack Skydiving. For the majority of us, these fall more into the stunt category rather than sport, and we would be fooling ourselves to think for a moment that we might someday try it ourselves. Well there is a new adventure sport about to pop onto our radars, and at first glance it would seem to be just another ridiculous way to try and kill yourself. This sport is called Speed Flying, and before shrugging it off as out of your league after watching 20 seconds of it, you might want to do yourself a favor and dig below the surface to learn a little more about it. It could very well change your life in a positive way.

Stunt Scooters – Questions and Answers

For new riders stunt scooters will often seem difficult and you will probably have hundreds of questions about the extreme sport such as how to do tricks, where to ride and how to improve your current stunts. Here is a list of some of the most common questions relating to stunt scooters which you may find helpful if you are looking to improve at the sport: Question: What is better a reinforced threaded fork or a threadless fork with a compression system? Answer: In threaded forks the threads cut in the fork making it thinner in the crevice…

80-Year-Old Grandmother Skydives on Her Birthday!

We have seen that story and many found it amusing! Why would an elderly woman suddenly decide to risk her life in such a manner?

Selecting the Right Paintball Grenade Launcher

Fall is the perfect season for using a paintball grenade launcher when colored falling leaves and brush piles make great cover. Whether in the woods alone or setting up in the backyard with a friend, hours will fly by with the newest grenade launchers on the market today.

Top 10 Reasons Airsoft Is Better Than Paintball

Airsoft battles trump paintball games because of a variety of reasons: airsoft is more realistic, cheaper and more strategic. Read on to discover more reasons!

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