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The RAM Combat Pistol

When it comes to quality, nothing stands up to the RAM Combat Pistol. Real Action Paintball has modeled it after one of the most popular side-arms in existence today. This sleek and compact paintball pistol has the same weight and feel as the real gun. Weighing only 3 pounds, players will not even notice that they are carrying the RAM Combat Pistol.

How to Become a Pro Paintball Player

There are four key essentials to becoming the best at paintball. Of course there are other key factors in becoming good at paintball gaming like communication with your team members, running and sliding are also good ways to become good at the game. But when it comes down to the art of the game these four key factors will help you become a professional at it.

What is the Best Paintball Gun to Use?

One of the problems with choosing the best paintball gun to purchase is the sheer amount of possibilities out there for sale both in terms of characteristics and price. This article will help you decide.

The Sport of Paintball

Everyone wants to be a warrior of some kind, everyone wants to be in a battle but not have to worry about getting killed. This is where paintball guns and the entire sport come in to play.

What Are Paintballs?

Paintballs are harmless and decontaminated. They come in a variety of many different colored dyes and do not stain clothes or skin and easily wash off with soap and water. They come in cases of anywhere between fifty and two thousand rounds.

The Basics of Using Paintball Gear

Paintball has been a game enjoyed by people since its first game in 1981. Games are usually played with the use of paintball guns, tiny balls that are loaded with various colors of paint and some type of head protection. Paintball gear has grown in many ways since it first became a popular sport.

Paintball – The Extreme Game of Today

In today’s high tech world of actual life like video games where the players take part in wars with guns and grenades, hunting down and shooting members of the opposite team with their controller being the weapon and the home being the battlefield is just not enough for some people who want to be right in the heart of the action, up close and personal. These warriors dress in camouflage, mask on and gun in hand then head out to a wooded area for a fun and realistic game where they can get in on the action first hand; the name of this game is paintball.

Nightsoft – Tips For Night Airsoft Skirmishes

Some tips for organizing an night airsoft game. The how to’s to night-time airsoft.

The RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun

The RAP68 Tactical Paintball Shotgun is the first .68 caliber paintball-shotgun available on the market to the general public. It is designed to be an exact duplicate of the FN Tactical Police Shotgun.

The Strikeforce Tactical Paintball Vest

The Strikeforce paintball vest fast becoming one of the most popular brands of tactical training vests in the United States. They are compatible with Molle pouches to help distribute a players equipment loadout.

The BT-4 Delta Paintball Marker

Modeled after the MP-5N, (Navy) the Battle Tested-4 Delta is a popular choice of paintball markers amongst players. It was made popular by the Navy Seals for their use of the MP-5N during their tactical missions. Now it is available to the general public in the form the BT-4 Delta.

Serious About Paintball? Don’t Skimp on Quality

The game of paintball has been around now for several years. While it started out as a trendy pastime for guys who like to play war games, it grew quickly in popularity and now draws fans from all over the world.

Camo Paintball Gear – Rule by Stealth

Camo is the ultimate deception. It allows the wearer to seemingly blend into their surroundings, avoiding detection. By avoiding detection the person being camouflaged can work on gaining the advantage by placing themselves in an advantageous spot, or gathering intelligence on enemy movement to relay back to fellow teammates.

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