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What Should I Wear Paintballing?

A common question among beginners is what clothes to bring. Now obviously this depends on the terrain your going to be playing in. The goal in paintball is often to blend with your environment; this is especially true if you are a sniper. So if you’re playing in the snow you should probably where white.

Going White Water Rafting

If you have seen people go white water rafting on TV then you will know what a fun and exciting experience it is. It is something that interests lots of people, but they have not done it for themselves because they think to try it you have to travel to somewhere like the Canadian Rockies or the Himalayas.

Paintball Tactics – Observing Your Environment

Observing, stalking at its finest. Observation is key when it comes to formulating your plan.

Gas Airsoft Rifles – Everything You Need to Know

Gas Airsoft rifles are much like other types of gas Airsoft guns. They use compressed gas to shoot BB’s and come in both blowback and non-blowback form. However, in the world of Airsoft, gas rifles are the most fun to shoot.

Buying Airsoft Ammo

The extreme action sport of airsofting is seemingly getting more and more popular by the day. One day you will see four kids out in a field somewhere, shooting each other with the realistic looking AK-47’s or AR-15’s. The next, police academies and military training programs are using them to simulate real-life missions for their students.

Why Airsoft is Better Than Paintball

I’ve had played both sport and I have to say that Airsoft is WAY better than paintball. My experience with Airsoft is that it’s more of an intense style of game play and you constantly have to think on your feet. Airsoft is more of a tactical strategy style of game play and paintball is more sporadic and more run & shoot.

Paintball Air Tanks – Some Important Information

Many people need to buy air tanks, but they do not have sufficient amount of information regarding it, so they just end up buying something which is not according to their needs and requirements. There are many different types of these available in the market today so finding one in even difficult when a vast variety exists.

Sizzling Sydney – Full Excitement

Australia’s largest and one of the world’s beautiful cities can be the two terms that can help us remember Sydney in a better way. The wide spread natural resources combined with the cosmopolitan nature of the city would provide a perfect cocktail for tourism and entertainment. Australia on the whole is a wonderful touring destination for world population and Sydney will definitely take the center stage in it.

Airsoft Guns – How Do I Pick the Right One?

Learn the basics about choosing the right airsoft gun for your needs. Don’t worry, this is easier than you think.

Gas Airsoft Guns – Everything You Need to Know

Gas Airsoft guns are the ideal choice for hardcore Airsoft enthusiasts. They feature exceptional realism with their blowback models and high velocities with their non-blowback models. They use compressed CO2, propane, or green gas to propel BBs; the gas is usually stored in the stock or magazine of the gun.

Why Airsoft Guns in Law Enforcement and Self Defense Training?

Understanding the uses of different Airsoft guns in military and law enforcement training. Explains the realistic scenarios used by military and law enforcement to increase the efficiency of their training.

Gas Airsoft Pistols – Everything You Need to Know

Gas Airsoft pistols are the most widely used secondary firearms in Airsoft skirmishes and tournaments. This is because many gas pistols are fully-automatic which allows the operator to empty an entire clip of BBs in just a second or two. That’s crucial if you ever get into a situation where you don’t have the time to reload your primary, especially if there are multiple targets in the vicinity.

Learning the Techniques in Getting Snowboarding Videos

Filming of videos are greatly more complicated than anyone could believe, likewise filming of snowboarding video is not an exception. Snowboard videos need the exact survey of locations and collaboration of the weather condition.

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