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Is Paintball In The Rain More Fun?

People from all over the world play in the rain for the thrill of the competition and the excitement this weather condition brings to the whole paintball experience. Challenging and difficult is one of the major draws for this weather type. When players engage in paintball during rainy weather, it is important to know that the conditions are very difficult compared to conditions on a clear day.

Sniper Paintball Barrels

Paintball is a sport where equipment is important, and for snipers there is the need for adequate paintball sniper barrels. Quality sniper barrels insure a good range for shooters so enemies can be easily eliminated.

Professional Skateboarder, Musician and Actor Mike Vallely Keeps It Really Real

Mike Vallely is a professional skateboarder, singer for the band Revolution Mother and has been in Paul Blart: Mall Cop & The Hangover. He’s also a very stand up guy. Read on and find out why!

Tips on Playing Paintball

More and more people are enjoying extreme sports nowadays. These sports are unlike any other sports out there. Some people find it more fun to play extreme sports because it can be more dangerous and can give you a more adrenaline rush when you are playing it. One of the most popular extreme sports nowadays is the paintball.

What Is Airsoft and What’s The Attraction?

So here I am looking at all the airsoft gear that I’ve accumulated over the years and I’m thinking that I should share some of the thoughts that I’ve picked up while playing this amazing sport every weekend. I mean let’s be honest, this is a fun sport and sometimes we need to get away and blast each other without any lasting damage.

Find Cheap Airsoft Guns Online

Cheap airsoft guns make great gifts as they offer a chance to learn some skills, provide hours of fun for you and your friends, and don’t always have to cost you a ton of money. Buy your replica gun online and you’ll get the best prices available – whether you want a spring, gas or electric gun the options are extensive.

How To Have A Blast In Your Kitesurfing Holiday

How to have a great kitesurfing holiday experience. Many people are often in a dilemma on how to spend their holidays. Quite recently, though, many have discovered as to how enjoyable and pleasant an experience kitesurfing could be.

Paintball Vs Airsoft

Here is a controversy.  It would be great if there would be a response from you the reader of this article.

How to Be Stealthy on the Paintball Field: Paintball Gear and Tactics

With a little planning, practice, and careful selection of paintball gear, anyone can be stealthy! Learn how to use a paintball sniper or other tactical paintball guns to increase your stealth factor on the paintball field. This article explains how to choose sniper paintball markers to maximize your stealth; it also explains how to move on the field to avoid being detected by your opponents.

How to Make Complete Skateboards

Learn how to make complete skateboards. If you are thinking of getting very cheap complete skateboards, why not make them yourself? There are several considerations you will need to make.

A Longboarding Primer For The Clueless

Everyone knows what skateboarding is because of its popularity and integration into pop culture, but very few people know about longboarding or what a longboard really is. If you’ve ever considered skateboarding, you might want to know more about longboarding because the two aren’t as different as everyone makes them out to be. After you read this article, you’ll know what all the fuss is about regarding longboards, as well as some background information that’ll help you learn how to longboard.

Which Is a Better Airsoft Gun – Spring Or Electric?

The plain and simple answer to the spring or electric airsoft dilemma is: It Depends. It depends on many factors which you should consider when you are trying to select between the two main types of airsoft guns. So which one is better airsoft gun?

Dye Paintball Goggles – A Must For Facial Protection

Paintball as a sport is extremely challenging and an excellent activity for the highly active. It can be a dangerous sport because of the high velocities involved when a paintball pellet is fired, this is where the dye paintball goggles comes to your rescue.

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