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Rafting In Mendoza

Those who enjoy great natural scenarios will surely enjoy visiting Mendoza. Adventure sports certainly generate a rush of adrenaline, while descending down the rapids of the river, as the expert guides accompany us. The guides are professionally trained and provided before each ride the instructions to get the most from this adventure, in a safe manner.

Activities and Adventures on South Padre Island, Texas, Wakeboarding

South Padre Island, at the Southermost tip of Texas is a unique and wonderful place to vacation. With year round sunny skies, warm weather, palm trees, and sandy beaches, its no secret why thousands come here to soak up the sun and kick back on this tropical gem of an island. But what a lot of folks may not realize is that there is much more to South Padre Island than margaritas and beach chairs. South Padre is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise, with great opportunities for kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding, exploration, diving, fishing, and the list goes on. This article is about wakeboarding on South Padre Island, and is part of a series on South Padre Island activities.

Warm Sleeping Bag – Choose One With Confidence

There are several different things to think about when you are deciding on which type of warm sleeping bag to buy. You’ve heard of synthetic sleeping bags, down sleeping bags, backpacking sleeping bags, but which sleeping bag is really the best. The better question would be: Which sleeping bag will keep me warm in the conditions I’ll be in?

Kiteboarding Lessons – What Conditions Make Learning Easier

Learning to kiteboard is for many is an exciting challenge yet for others it can vary from frustrating to down right terrifying. Given ideal conditions the average person will be getting their first rides on a kiteboard after 5-6 hours of instruction. The consistency of the wind, amount of waves, air and water temperature, adequate space, and depth of the water all play into the difficulty one faces when learning to kiteboard. By choosing a location with optimal conditions you can get up and riding much faster and safer.

Here Are Some Ideas On Cheap Paintball Packages

I want to give you some tips on buying cheap paintball guns and cheap paintball gun packages.  It is great to be able to find guns and packages at cheap prices.

Tippman Paintball Guns: The Frostbite Sniper Package With Tippmann X7

The Tippmann paintball gun Frostbite Sniper Kit with the Tippmann X-7 Phenom Is one of the most popular packages for sniper action. This kit will arm you with all you need to become completely battle ready. Let me break this kit down for you.

Scenario Paintball – The TAW SCENARIOS Way – Tactical Paintball Gear Needed

One of the most interesting Tweets I received in a long time was a response on Twitter. I tweeted TAW SCENARIOS and invited them to follow me on Twitter.

Synthetic Sleeping Bags or Natural Fill – Pros and Cons of Each

Synthetic sleeping bags or natural sleeping bags, synthetic or natural, which one should I buy? Does this question keep rearing its ugly head in your mind? Not to worry. Each one has several pros and cons.

Where Is the Worst Place to Get Hit by a Paintball?

It’s a question somebody brings up pretty much every time I go paintballing, I’m used to hearing the different approaches people at when I ask them, where do you think is the worst place to get hit by a paintball? I mean paintballs can legally be shot at around 200 miles per hour! So that is pretty fast, thankfully most sites have a limit, which is much, much lower.

Information About Paint Ball and Paint Ball Guns

Sports and games have always been an integral part of our lives. Arcade games and other group activities have been vastly popular. When you feel you want to go out with friends and do something fun there a number of avenues open to you. Going shopping, to the mall, to a movie or just sitting around drinking coffee have become quite mundane. To spice things up a little more and more people are migrating towards activities like bowling, mini golf, etc…

10 Facts About Hang Gliding You Didn’t Know

As the name implies, you hang while you glide. It is almost too descriptive of the entire activity. It is when you are soaring high in the air that you discover there is more than just hanging and gliding in this sport. The wind component combines with the hang glider to make your own interesting flying adventure.

Watercraft – Jetboards and Powerskis

Watersports are a highly exciting and high-octane form activity that come with many benefits over other sports and things you can do. This is particularly true of jetboards and powerskis – the very names of which evoke power and speed and the reality of which does not disappoint. If you want to feel like James Bond in a high speed chase, then there are few better way to do so than using one of these highly powerful vehicles to fly across the water at high speeds and enjoy the excitement of leaping over waves and hurtling around bends.

Prepare for Paintballing Wars With Paintball Guns

Paintballing has become popular worldwide. An effective way to simulate combat with much of the realism and little of the danger, paintballing is a one way to meet people, get exercise and sharpen the instincts.

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