Paintball Gear Bag 2021 (FINALLY!!)

The 2021 paintball season is finally (sort-of) here! You’ve asked to fins out what my paintball load is going to be and I’m here to (sort-of) show you! Anyone want to guess how many subscribers we lose with this video??

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Why Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Are Popular With Outdoor Enthusiasts

Water sports enthusiasts and outdoor hobbyists alike have an extensive amount of equipment available to them in order to conduct their favourite pursuits safely and enjoyably. We all desire the best quality when it comes to protecting ourselves from the elements and being comfortable.

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Intricacies of the Paintball Autococker

Considered mainly as the predecessor of the electropheumatic markers widely used by paintball hobbyists and tournament players it is also sometimes referred to simply as Cocker. This product was introduced into the market in various versions with that of Worr Game Products getting majority of the market share. The impact of the Autococker in the paintball gaming industry cannot be denied. Widely considered as the pioneer in introducing mechanized equipment that caters specifically to the requirements of the sport it is characterized by its high degree of customization, complexity, and extreme popularity. There is a prevailing belief that its closed-bolt mechanism provides the shooter with better accuracy compared to the open-bolt design.

Airsoft Guns And Safety Issues

Airsoft guns are popular in many countries, they are a great way to get a feel for a real weapon without the obvious risk and danger that would be normally involved. Though there may be no requirement to register an airsoft gun, there are rules in force that govern the firepower limit. For example, the maximum indoor limit is usually stipulated to be between 300 and 350 fps, while outdoors the limit is generally 350 to 450 ftps.

Beware of Those Who Seek Refuge in Severe Endurance Hobbies

Well, I suppose some people would call me insane for engaging in certain activities and hobbies, for instance, riding my bicycle from Oregon to Mexico, or riding it across the United States. Interestingly enough, I feel more relaxed and more at peace while pushing myself in such activities. Yes, I realize that is abnormal behavior judging by the rest of the population which is fat, dumb, and happy.

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