Painful Neck Shot – Paintball #Shorts

Another funny paintball short! This player comes running at me full tilt when suddenly he creates a perfect funny paintball moment as I smoke him with a painful paintball neck shot. Yes my marker looks like it’s airsoft but I ensure you that it is magfed paintball.


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Tokyo Marui Airsoft Guns

Most anyone who has fired an airsoft gun has heard the name Tokyo Marui. Tokyo Marui is a Japanese company founded in 1965 that is generally considered the leading airsoft manufacturer in the world, and certainly in Japan.

Understanding Extreme Hobbyists: Why Stamp Collecting Just Doesn’t Cut It

Many have a hobby to enjoy. Some collect vintage postcards. Others spelunk or search for treasures with a Geiger counter.

Wakeboard Problems Solved

Are you having wakeboarding related problems spanning from not knowing how to swim to the inability to land certain tricks? Do not worry. You are not alone! Every wakeboarder from beginners to seasoned riders experience problems. Now, for your reading and learning pleasure, I am going to discuss some of the most common problems riders experience and how you can solve such problems. So listen up.

Military and Police Training

Force on force training is a military and police training technique in which one live force takes on another live force in a simulated combat scenario. Force on force training is one of the most effective techniques that can be utilized in a training program, as trainees are forced to make tactical decisions against another living, thinking being. Force on Force training can be used to simulate realistic scenarios so that in the event they do occur, military or police personnel can be fully prepared for the situation.

Paintball Ghillie Suit Pattern

The Ghillie Suit worn by Military soldiers have been adapted for use in the game of paintball. The Paintball Ghillie Suit pattern one chooses depends on the location and the surroundings where the game takes place. Like the military soldiers, you should choose the proper pattern to give you a good camouflage in the game. Bear in mind that the paintball game is like being on a battle field so you should be equipped with the proper materials.

Comparing the GoPro HD and the GoPro HD2 Action Cameras

The action camera market is constantly evolving to meet the needs of action sports enthusiasts across the world. One of the biggest players in that market, GoPro, has recently launched the GoPro HD2 – the most advanced GoPro camera, yet. Find out what sets this new model apart from it’s popular predecessor, the GoPro HD.

Jing Gong Airsoft Guns

Chinese brands get a bad rep in the airsoft world. They are known for being unreliable, ugly, low-performance, and just plain bad. However, a couple of manufacturers have managed to get it together and put out a high-quality product at the low, low price we expect from Chinese brands.

D-Boys Airsoft Guns

D-Boys, sometimes known as BOYI, is another in the slew of Chinese companies making clones of AEGs from other companies. D-boys tends to clone VFC, and they have become very popular in the last few years among beginners and experienced airsoft players alike. One of the main reasons for this is that D-boys upgraded to steel bodies and fixed some of their past reliability issues.

Scenario Paintball Gaming – As Real As It Gets

If you have an abundance of wooded areas near your home, you may want to try your hand at woodsball, also known as scenario paintball. The name says it all: woodsball, which can be played just about anywhere outside, however especially in the woods. Many commercial fields now also offer special scenario playing environments equipped with military bunkers and pre-built fortresses to hide behind and play around.

Awesome Scooter Wheels – Improve Your Stunts

Push-scooters or kick-scooters are gaining in popularity as small human-powered vehicle. They now come in both 2 and 3-wheeled versions. They are good for, not only kids, but there also many brand and models designed for adults. These can come in varieties for travel, stunts or a combination of both. They are simple in the way they work and are a convenient way to get around for a hobby or for the stunts that the push-scooter is famous for. The small size of this vehicle is a major advantage in comparison to something larger such as a bicycle.

Assault Airsoft Guns

Assault gunners are the backbone of any airsoft squad. Probably three people would fill this role in a five man squad, and many games will consist almost entirely of people setup for this general position. Assault gunners are the most versatile players on the field and ready for almost anything.

Four Unique Water Sports to Enjoy

If you live in Singapore or will be visiting, consider heading to Punggol Marina to take an exhilarating dip in the water. You can always enjoy sunbathing and swimming, but there are some more exciting adventures to be found in this area of Singapore. Namely, there are four different water sports that are making a big splash with locals and visitors alike.

Thrill Seekers Beware: Preparedness Makes Any Adventure Manageable

If you are going out for an extreme outdoor adventure, being prepared can make the difference between thrills and disaster. You may have heard about or even seen the movie 127 Hours and were impressed by James Franco’s intense performance. The best lesson to be learned from this story is to tell your friends and family of your plans before you go out into the wilderness alone.

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