Not so Deadly Chipmunk – Funny Warzone Fail – #shorts

During a Warzone LIVESTREAM; NightmarePB threw on the Voicemod and became a chipmunk for what had to be the quickest game of Call of Duty Warzone EVER! Epic Warzone Fail.

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Vintage Motocross Racing

Vintage Motocross. Revisit your youth! It might be better the second time around!

Rock Climbing – When Was The Last Time You Challenged Yourself?

When was the last time you challenged yourself? You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to conquer something extraordinary. The renowned mountains around Boone, North Carolina can provide the same sense of adrenaline-rich accomplishment. Mountain climbing is not simply the act of scaling a mountain, but it encompasses a unique engagement with nature.

Air Guns – Do They Hit The Target for Gun Lovers?

Selecting an air gun, whether air rifle or air pistol, can be a difficult task if you are not familiar with the choices on offer. We take a look at the options available and how they stack up against one another in terms of cost and usability.

21st Birthday Ideas: Skydiving – The Life After 20

The 21st birthday will be the most important event that will happen to you. Starting on your 21st birthday, you will have the sense of independence. You may be able to choose the type of clothing, hairstyle, activities, or even the food that you wanted to eat.

Colorado Rafting Along The Arkansas River

The Arkansas River traverses through many states and provides numerous sites and attractions for people to discover. Rafting in this river is an unforgettable experience that anyone would want to enjoy, and AAE makes Colorado rafting possible.

Filling A CO2 Paintball Tank

Without any sort of doubt, filling a CO2 paintball tank is the backbone of paintball, at least the recreational type of the sport. Needless to say, without CO2, millions and millions of recreational paintball players would end up throwing paintballs at one another. With this article, we will at first try to explain how to fill up a CO2 paintball tank, along with offering various tips and tricks to ease your efforts.

About The Various Types Of Paintball Grenades

Let’s kick things off with the non-explosive paint grenades which are more or less similar to water balloons as they involve a flexible bladder that is most often made out of rubber tubing, which is sealed off tightly on one end and more loosely at the other one. As you probably already know, the paint in the grenade is under pressure and is secured with a pin, which when is pulled out, further loosens one end. After the pin is pulled and the paintball grenade is tossed, the end opens as it strikes the ground, spinning because of the…

Airsoft Weapons and Accessories: Myths About Playing Airsoft

Airsoft weapons and accessories are used for a fun game that combines the thrill of competition with athletic prowess. The basic idea is similar to paintball, with different players being given Airsoft weapons & accessories that they then have to use to shoot the other players. The guns shoot small pellets that are made of a rubber-like plastic.

Airsoft Ammunition: BB Weight

When it comes to airsoft gun performance, most people have a tendency to focus primarily on gun models, barrel FPS and gearbox type (ie. full metal versus plastic). However, an airsoft’s performance is only as good as the ammunition it fires.

Airsoft 101: Where and Where Not to Play

An overview on how to select a place to play airsoft. Where you can and cannot practice airsoft.

Phenomenal Action Games in China

China has become home to non conventional games like the X-Games since the advent of the Olympics. While the traditional Chinese martial arts is still popular, the induction of the adrenaline inducing X-Games has left its mark. The country now hosts Action Games Sports Tours on a regular basis which sees huge participation. The popularity can clearly be witnessed by the fact that the country is now home to the world’s biggest skating park.

Helicopter Flight: An Excellent Adrenaline Pumping Encounter

These days, there are lots of offers being made out there to people who would love to take advantage of fantastic helicopter ride experiences from packages that you could choose from. Whether you travel by helicopter to a hiking location or take a simulation of an actual helicopter flight services, you will undoubtedly enjoy the enjoyment of your experience and may want to keep coming back for more.

5 Things You Can Do Today To Become A Better Canopy Pilot

If you want to be the best skydiver you can be, you have to focus on your canopy skills. Once the canopy is fully functioning is when the true challenge of skydiving begins. And becoming a better canopy pilot is an ongoing battle that even the most talented skydivers are constantly fighting.

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