LIT UP for Not Surrendering! – Paintball #Shorts

When you paintball buddy wants to give you the surrender; maybe you should take it before you get lit up from all 3 windows! Great gameplay from a years ago.

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Understanding The Different Types of Motocross Racing

Dirt bike racing and motocross are hugely popular among extreme sports enthusiasts all across the world. Several types of motocross racing have grown to become universal, crowd-pleasing sports events. The many types of motocross racing include the following…

Freestyle Motocross

One of the most popular extreme sports, Freestyle Motocross does not involve straight racing-instead, competitors are tasked with impressing judges with their skill at performing stunts. Also called FMX or Moto-X, this type of motocross is an intense and high-adrenaline sport. Daredevil riders execute mesmerizing tricks high up in the air, thrilling audiences with the sense of danger and suspense.

Riding Tips and Training for Motocross Racers

Every motocross rider wants to become a better athlete. Choosing the right training facility can go a long way towards that goal. Motocross requires an incredible amount of skill, strength, and endurance-and training at a well-qualified center can help a rider gain a competitive edge.

Paintball Guns – A Beginner’s Guide

A paintball gun also known as a marker, can be the most important and expensive piece of equipment you will buy use to play paintball. If you are just starting out playing paintball don’t be tempted to rush out and buy the latest equipment.

Cheap Paintball Gear Doesn’t Mean Bad Quality

For many of us when we hear the word ‘cheap’ we think of poor quality. However, when it comes to paintballing on a budget, finding the very best paintball masks, markers, hoppers, and air supply at a great price means a search for affordable paintball equipment. Let me emphasize that when I shop for cheap paintball gear I am not looking for poorly engineered garbage but rather affordable and economical equipment that is otherwise a great price.

Airsoft Standard Size AEGs Vs CQB AEGs

For the best airsoft battles, make sure to use the right equipment. Discern between needing to use a standard size AEG or a CQB AEG depending on your airsoft game play, indoor or outdoor.

Why You Should Try Paintballing

Did you know that paintball is as safe as any other sport such as football? Or dirtbiking? Yes, although you are getting shot with paintball up to 270fps, the sport is very safe! The main equipment that you wear for protective gear is a mask, and maybe a jock. At each field they have at least 1 referee that will explain the instructions and safety information every game day.

BT TM 7 Paintball Gun for Maximum Force and Firepower

BT TM 7 is one of the most excellent paintball markers that a lot of enthusiasts prefer to use during matches. The reason is that these markers can yield more promising performance as well as having the features that honor their greatest power and munitions.

Make Sure That You Get the Right Airsoft Accessories

You can easily enhance your comfort level at the battle without impeding your body movements by using the correct airsoft accessories. Whether you are indulging in shooting games or just shooting at various targets, you should take necessary precautions by wearing proper airsoft accessories such as helmets, protective eye wear and much more.

What You Need To Know For Your First Paintball Experience

For a good first-time paintball experience choose a Spyder Paintball gun. But there are many other questions that you will have about that initial experience on the paintball field. This article provides some important answers.

Strategies For The Paintball Frontman

There are several positions you can play on the field in a game of paintball. The back player and sniper positions stay in the back and provide cover fire for the others. The mid-field player provides cover and waits to move into any other spot should there be an elimination. Perhaps the most action packed position on the field is the Frontman.

How to Backflip: Getting Over The FEAR Of The Backflip

Learn how to backflip and get over the fear of being inverted during a flip. The backflip is one of the scariest flips to learn but once you get over the fear it’s actually one of the easiest flip to do.

Finding the Right Airsoft Rifle for You

Airsoft guns came into existence in Japan in the 1970s when the right to own firearms was taken away. Although an air soft rifle is not real, it looks just like a real rifle. It is not designed to do the same kind of damage that a real rifle will do.

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