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Benefits of M16 Airsoft Rifles

M16s are some of the most efficient airsoft guns that you can own. The reason for this is that the majority of M16 variant airsoft rifles are made by Classic Army, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the airsoft industry.

Tactical DuoStock – Why the Tactical DuoStock is a Great Addition For Your M4 Airsoft Gun

One of the most popular airsoft guns used today is the M4. While this gun is great for more open areas of play it tends to not be the best close quarter battle weapon, or CQBW for short. However the addition of the affordable tactical duostock to your M4 airsoft gun can make it a very effective and enjoyable CQB weapon without affecting its open area abilities.

Why Taking a Kite Lesson Can Save You Money and Get You Learning Kitesurfing Quicker!

If your interested in learning to kitesurf you’re probably wondering whether to take a kite lesson or not. There are plenty of instruction videos and manuals out there… why don’t you just teach yourself?

A Kite Lesson – What You Need to Include in Your Kitesurfing Equipment Bag

A bit of duct tape will suffice to cover up any small rips in your kite until you can get it to a repair shop, though a dedicated kite patch would be better. This will allow you to at lest get out on the water if you arrive at the beach and your kite has mysteriously developed a small tear overnight.

Paintball Woodsball Tactics – 4 Reasons Why Your Team Needs a Tactical Paintball Sniper

There are three rumors I wish to dispel. Right here. Right now. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

How to Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world today! So many people are drawn to wakeboarding for the thrill and adrenalin rush of soaring through the air and are surprised to find out how relaxing it can be at the same time. Wakeboarding is fun for all ages and a great way to bring the family together.

Hazards and Security of Water Skiing

Are you a water skiing enthusiast? Or maybe you are one of the many of us who think this is a fascinating sport and want to learn it?

The Risks of Bungy Jumping

Thus far, there have been a half-dozen deaths and nearly as many crucial injuries attributed to bungy jumping. As bungy jumping is a comparatively new sport, this is a fundamental number, and should make clear for anyone considering bungy jumping that it is rather risky indeed.

Kite Lesson – What is Kitesurfing? And a Brief History

Before you even thought about taking a Kite Lesson you probably asked yourself this question. Is an obvious question but one that deserves a bit of attention to answer. Kitesurfing at its most simple is the art of attaching yourself to a high power kite and using a combination of the wind in the kite and the resistance generated by the board to ride across the water.

Which Airsoft BB Weight Do I Need?

Choosing the right BB weight will affect your shot as much as your gun. This guide will help you pick the right weight.

Nitrogen Vs HPA

Nitrogen and HPA are two gasses that are used to fill paintball tanks. The paintball community is confused about the difference between Nitrogen and HPA, and for good reason. They both have the exact same function!

What Caliber Air Gun Should I Get?

The best caliber Air Gun for you depends almost entirely on the intended use your air rifle or pistol and less so on how much you want to spend because there are some very good values in both rifles and pistols in the heavier calibers. The greatest majority of air guns sold worldwide are.177 caliber.

Paintball Safety – More Than Just Gear and Barrel Stops

Going beyond the normal paintball safety precautions. A look at the surroundings.

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