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Snowboard Stickers and Their Influence on the Mountain

What makes a particular snowboard sticker influential on the slopes? Why do riders want to put one sticker on their board over another? This article seeks to answer these and other questions.

Kiteboarding Equipment Review – 2010 Ocean Rodeo Mako

The Ocean Rodeo Mako series kiteboards have been out for a number of years. Other than graphics, the time tested design and construction of the board has not changed noticeably since the first year. This unique board offers up a design and riding characteristics not found with any other production kite board and is a loyal following of kiters in the kiteboarding community.

Kiteboarding Equipment Maintenance – Tuning Your Control Bar and Checking For Wear

Have you noticed that you kite isn’t flying the same way into used to? Does you kite back-stall more often? When you push your bar out for depower you are slacking the outside or steering lines and therefore all the pull of the kite is on the center lines. In time the center lines will have stretched out and could be as much as 6 inches longer than your steering lines. Checking line length and common wear points on your control bar and lines can keep your kites flying at peak performance and help you avoid equipment failure.

Airsoft Vest Confusion – How To Choose a Good Airsoft Vest

When purchasing an airsoft vest there are many factors you need to look at. Pay attention to the design and layout of pouches (if they are fastened permanently), quality of the materials and stitching (where it’s made), functions, and look and feel.

Paintball – A Team Building Exercise for Corporate and Military

Paintball is a fun and exciting game or sport that has become very popular since its inception, in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by hitting them from a special gun with capsules containing paint (known as paintball). It is a combination combat play and survival hunting game in which instead of hunting animals with guns, people shoot at each other with guns that shoot balls of paint that is why it is named as paintball.

Flying Made Easy With Power Paraglider

So here’s the scenario: you want to look for more information about power paraglider, an ultralight aircraft that is cheap and easy to build. But when you try making an online search, you find a lot of confusing terms – motorized paraglider, paramotors, power paraglider.

Motor Paraglider – A Guide To Aircraft Enthusiast

A motor paraglider refers only to the engine part of a powered paraglider, which consists of the propeller, the motor, harness and a frame. The design of every paramotor may vary so others may have added features like an extra seat to allow two passengers to fly.

What You Need To Know About Paramotors

Paramotors, in its strictest sense, refer only to that part of powered paragliders that provide propulsion. It is composed of the metal frame that houses the motor, a seat with an attached harness and a propeller. The weight of paramotors depend on the design as well as the materials used.

3 Good Reasons To Start Power Paragliding

You might have heard of paragliding and how popular it is among aircraft enthusiasts. While it sure is great, it has a lot of limitations. For example, you can’t control your direction as you are free-flying. In this article, you will learn how power paragliding solves these limitations.

Kiteboarding Kites – Why Kites Backstall, How to Deal With It and How to Prevent It

Have you ever headed out to go kiteboarding, launched your kite and everything was looking good, then suddenly the thing starts hanging limply in the air followed by plummeting backwards back to earth. Yeah, we all have and it can be frustrating, but it also can be dangerous to your self and others. Therefore an understanding of why it happens and what to do when it happens can help you out of a potentially bad situation. Knowing how to prevent it can keep you free from the situation all together.

Sniper Airsoft Guns – The Ultimate in Excitement

You’ve seen them in the movies: they creep through their surroundings, invisible and ever so slowly stalking their next victim. Knowing that they do not have to even get close to their target makes them even more menacing. Now, with Airsoft sniper guns you can feel the same thrill that the professionals do.

BAXS Accuracy System and Slide-Lock Technology With the SIG Sauer SP2022

BAXS Accuracy System has been shown to improve the accuracy of trajectory. A portion of this description of the gun is from our website, following that; I would like to share with you some information I’ve gathered from other gamers and a few other articles. SIG SAUER SP2022 CO2 Pistol Description: This is a semi-automatic SIG SAUER SP 2022 with a full metal slide. With Sig Sauer Trademarks etched onto the slide.

Airsoft Vest For Sniper – Should Sniper Gear Include An Airsoft Vest?

Apart from the sniper-specific weapons, a sniper needs a specific airsoft vest alternative and a special set of sniper gear. Snipers need a stable platform, which is their body, to fire accurately at long distances.

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