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How to Purchase Skates for Roller Derby

If you start playing roller derby with a professional club, they will lend you roller derby pads, skates and Triple Eight roller derby helmets so that you can get started right away. However, if you are learning from a self-hired coach or practicing on your own, you will need to arrange for your own gears.

Airsoft Sniper Tips

Tips on how to be a great airsoft sniper. How to become an effective airsoft sniper.

The Gear You Need for Parkour Training

When it comes to training for parkour, gear plays a very small role in the overall picture. There are however a few basics to cover. Almost all parkour gear will fall into two categories: things you wear or take with you while training, and items to help with your workouts.

Things to Watch for When Training for Parkour

When training for parkour, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The two main things to watch out for when training are injuries and and misinformation. Read on to learn more about these issues to be aware of.

How to Get Started Training For Parkour

If you want to start training for parkour, then you’ve come to the right place. Parkour is a fantastic discipline that has the potential to improve your physical health, athleticism, confidence, and not to mention, look pretty cool doing it. Just like any other sport, parkour requires time, effort, practice and some dedication to truly advance so if you’re still here, lets get to work!

Powered Paragliders Give You the Experience of Lifetime

Powered paragliding is an exciting way to enjoy flying, and is also an inexpensive sport. For a solitary lightweight aircraft, it fits into the descriptions like economical, easy and enjoyable. In this post we shall briefly speak about paragliding.

Breezy Ocean Kayaking With The Exclusive Trak Kayak

This article talks about exclusive kayaking experience with the different kayaks available in the market. It also revolves around the Trak kayak as one being one of its kinds for being portable and the only one to fit in a pack.

Airsoft As A Serious Sport

Many people don’t like firearms, owning them, having them in their homes, or even thinking about the violence associated with guns or weaponry. I personally don’t like Brussel sprouts, or spiders. However, get an airsoft gun in my hand, and I am right at home, as home as I would be sweeping my front porch or sleeping in my bed.

Tough Mudder Survival Tips

Tough Mudder is a great event that pushes you both mentally and physically. If you are looking to complete all of the obstacles and the whole event in a reasonable amount of time, here are some tips.

All About Powered Paragliding and Training Courses

In the past, paragliders did not have motorized propellers for exerting the propulsive force on their flights, and the flights were totally controlled by the power of wind. As a flying enthusiast, you might have felt helpless when you were steered in direction of the wind-flow, instead of the course that you wanted to take. Sometimes, when you jumped off the cliff top, you would have sashayed awkwardly downwards towards the earth instead of gliding like a bird.

Snowboard Wrist Guards – An Important Accessory for Snowboard Protection

What is the purpose of using snowboard wrist guards? It is used to protect your wrist against injuries while snowboarding. This is what an average snowboarder knows about the usage of wrist guards. However, it has many other uses in addition to the one mentioned above.

Reach For the Skies With Paragliding

Paragliding is the most popular recreational or adventure sport that is performed aerially. It is done by using a canopy-like parachute which is light in weight, free-flying, foot-launched gliding aircraft without any rigid primary structure. A harness is suspended below the hollow fabric wing where the pilot sits.

Different Types of BMX Helmets

If you have ever tried BMX riding then you must be aware of the importance of a BMX helmet for the safety of the rider. If you are riding at a high speed, you carry a whole lot risk of crashing and you can do some serious damage to yourself.

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