How To Play Paintball – A Simple Tip To Become A Better Paintball Player

We all want to be better paintball players right? Here is a simple tip that has helped me grow as a player and I know will help you.

Watch. Learn. Win.

Paintball Guns Sales – What to Know About Cheap Paintball Guns

At a paintball guns sale you will often find cheap paintball guns and other gear at lower prices than normal. These can be at garage sales, paintball shows, paintball tournaments, etc. The most important thing to know when dealing with these sales is the precautions.

Powerful Airsoft Rifles

When choosing an airsoft rifle, you may be inclined to get one of the more powerful varieties that has been introduced in recent years. And if you want the most power, there is a specific type of airsoft gun that you absolutely can’t go without!

The Popularity of Airsoft AK47s

AK47s are some of the most popular airsoft models in the entire industry. And as you’ll see in this article, good reason for that exists.

Traditional Airsoft Sniper Rifles

There are both modern and traditional airsoft sniper rifles, and depending on your preference, one may be more suitable for you. The only way to know is to browse through both types and see which one you like more.

Rodeo Gear – For the Wild Challenge

Rodeo is the name of the competitive sport that has had its origins in Spain, which was also widely prevalent in Mexico before it spread over to the United States and Canada. Rodeo is based on the kind of skills required of cowboys of the yester years, associated with the rustic feel and the buoyant image. The sport is adapted to include rugged bulls and horses, formed with the idea of putting the physical and mental capacities of women and men to test in the field.

Bull Riding Gear – The Complete Paraphernalia

Bull Riding has been the real and raw sport, with its origins in Spain and Mexico, now very much a part of the United States’ culture. riding has gained in popularity with its sheer ability to inspire people out of their comfort zones, into the uncharted and the extra ordinary. For those who would love to live on the edge and experience life it all its fury, riding is the sport of preference.

Pros and Cons of Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

When assessing the pros and cons of gas powered Airsoft guns it is important to keep your main purpose for buying an Airsoft gun in mind. Gas, with or without blowback, offers many advantages over spring or electrical powered guns, although those preferring each type of gun has their own reasons for doing so.

How to Start a Paintball Team

When first starting a team you are bombarded with thousands of ideas that you never had involved with paintball when you would just show up to the field, pay your dues and go play with whatever team you were assigned. Now you are thinking of starting your own team, be it a national level team or regional/local team. The first question arises, who can I get to play on my team?

Modern Airsoft Rifles

Some of the most modern airsoft rifles are packed with power and features you just couldn’t find 15 years ago. The future is now, and it is fantastic.

How To Find The Best Helmet Camera

Every extreme athlete loves to be able to record their latest feat. Well, with a helmet camera you can easily record it for your own point of view. Read below to find out how to pick the best helmet camera for your needs.

Speed Flying – Fighter Pilot Thrills for the Rest of Us

Discover the newest form of sport flying that is one of the most adrenaline inducing, yet least expensive. It just might be for you.

Stalking Strategies For Paintball

Being able to successfully stalk your opponent in paintball will pay off whether you play speedball or woodsball. Treat your paintball game like you are hunting prey on a safari; using keen observation, stealth, movement strategies, patience and teamwork will often land you in the winner’s seat, no matter how experienced your opponents are.

Paintball Stuff – Different Types of Paintball Equipment

Paintball stuff includes everything needed to play paintball safely. This includes the obvious things such as paintball guns but also includes other not-so-obvious things (at least if you have never played before) as well. These include important pieces of paintball equipment such as…

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