Hormesis Push Goggle w/ Harrison Frye of Infamous @ NXL World Cup 2021 | Lone Wolf Paintball

The Power of an AEG Rifle

AEG rifles are the most powerful electric guns. They can shoot BBs at very high speeds and accurately, which makes for an effective combination in airsoft.

What to Look For When Purchasing Wakeboard Gloves

Wakeboarding is a great sport that requires the use of protective gear, like gloves. If you don’t have gloves, you will regret hitting the water without them. Protecting your hands is very important while participating in this sport, and just any kind of sports glove will not serve you well.

Basic Gear and Accessories in Paintball

Like every game, paintball too needs some equipment to play it – some of it is essential without which play is not possible and some are accessories that make the player comfortable and increase his efficiency. Besides, some equipment is required to ensure the safety of the player and to protect him from any possible injury.

Basic Paintball Gear You Need

Paintball is a war game with warlike thrill and excitement. Just as in a war you need a gun and bullets, in paintball you need a paintball gun, or marker, and paintballs to serve as bullets, along with some accessories.However, again like a war this war game can also be dangerous for the player. Air pressured guns firing paintballs can result in serious injury if you are not protected. So, you also need an elaborate paintball gear for safety. Wearing a proper gear ensures that you get only fun out of the game and not any serious injuries to spoil the fun.

Why is Paintball So Popular?

Many have probably heard of others playing paintball and may wonder to themselves, “Why is it so popular these days?” While there are many different reasons the game is increasing in popularity around the world, here is a look at just a few of the reasons this sport is becoming one of the fastest growing activities one can do outdoors with friends or even among a gathering of enthusiasts they barely know.

Choosing the Right Paintball Field

When choosing a location for a paintball outing there are many different things to factor in. Before someone makes a decision they need to be absolutely sure that the facility they are going to will have everything they need to make the experience a memorable one.

The Thrill of the Hunt

A question often asked by people outside that paintball community is, “Why do people play paintball?” The simple response to this query is that people engage in paintball for the thrill of the hunt. The desire to hunt is in the human genome.

Winter Mountainboarding

When the winter months come, the ground gets wet, the cold sets in and sometimes we even get a bit of snow. How do you keep on mountainboarding even in these conditions?

Paintballing All the Way

Paintball evolving into a professional sport is pretty old news. The rising popularity of the sport since its very inception guaranteed its evolution from being just for fun to a serious money earner.

Why Carry a Reserve Chute While Paragliding

Really, why would you carry a reserve parachute or even two while flying a paraglider? What could possibly go wrong? This article investigates the (very rare) possibilities.

Comparing Airsoft Sniper Rifles

If you want to get an airsoft sniper rifle, it is advisable that you do not immediately purchase the first one you come across. Instead, you should look at all of your options, and after you are familiar with the choices you have, you can then make a decision and complete the purchase. In this article, I will go over some of the types of sniper rifles and what they are good for.

Tips For Clearing a Room in Airsoft

When you are playing airsoft CQB, it is important to know how to clear a room before you enter. You don’t want to enter a room without proper cover fire.

Do You Know What Airsoft Is?

Airsoft is quickly becoming one of the most popular recreational sports across the world. Currently it is more popular in Europe than the United States but this is beginning to change. For those of you who do not understand the sport this article will give you some basic insight into how and why the game is played.

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