HK Army TFX 3 vs Bunkerkings CTRL Hopper Comparison | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

UHC Super 9 PRO Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle SOFT-314 – Everything You Need to Know

The UHC Super 9 Pro has been a hit ever since its release. Most spring Airsoft sniper rifles are priced at over $150, but the Super 9 is less than $100. You won’t even come close to finding anything that’s as well made or with such high performance as this sniper rifle for the price.

UTG Multi-Functional Compact Laser, Flashlight Module LT-TLP28

UTG’s multi-functional Laser/Flashlight module is a combat grade firearm accessory. At first glance you might think this to be something found in a Modern Warfare video game but now you can have it attached to your Airsoft pistol.

M4 Airsoft Guns – What is the Best M4 Airsoft Gun Under $200?

Whats a good airsoft M4 under $200. This question pops up all the time and for good reason. Not only is the M4 a popular weapon but $200 is a fair amount of money and most people cannot afford the higher priced airsoft guns that sometimes cost well over $300 and $400. Enough of that however lets get to the information you are looking for.

Packing For Travel With Airsoft Guns

Tips for traveling with your airsoft guns and equipment. How to travel with airsoft equipment and guns.

Airsoft Gun Eye Safety Equipment and Why You Should Use It

As a mother of sons who enjoy the sport of airsoft gun wars with the use of pellets, I wanted to share with you a study done regarding eye injuries. This report/study was conducted by our friends who are ophthalmologists that specialize in retina surgery. I will attempt to paraphrase so that we laypeople might better understand their findings.

Significance of Wearing Protective Gears in Extreme Sports

Playing an extreme type of sport is filled with fun and adventure but it can be dangerous at the same time too. If you will not wear protective gears, the chance of acquiring injuries is high. If you play any type of extreme sport, better prepare yourself and be on guard at all times.

Airsoft War Games LIVE! Actually Live Out Your “Call of Duty” Fantasy

Why stay indoors glued to the television using your XBox when you could be enjoying a hobby with friends and family? Airsoft war games is our family hobby. We guys, of course, see ourselves as in combat, protecting our families, country and defending liberty. Having played ‘Call of Duty’ helps us imagine ourselves on the battlefield in LIVE action!

How to Train For Motocross

Motocross is an extreme sport that is popular all over the world. Find out the best way to train yourself for competitions.

The Popularity of the Sport of Airsoft

For those people who would love to own a real gun and can’t for various reasons, there is a good alternative. The next best thing is to get involved in the popular sport of Airsoft and purchase an Airsoft gun.

Is MMA Training Just For Cage Fighters?

Professional MMA athletes are widely regarded as some of the fitness and most technically gifted sport people in the word due to the diverse skill set required. ‘Fighters’ need to master Brazilian Jiu Jistu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing and other martial arts. These different fighting styles all challenge the body differently therefore increase stamina, explosive strength and general fitness.

Paintball Snipers – Understanding Limitations

Paintball snipers often try to copy their military counterparts when it comes tactics and general sniping. The problem is the two have some major differences. Without recognizing these differences, you will just embarrass yourself and your team.

5 Tips on Getting Your Expedition Funded

Got an idea but don’t know how to fund it? Struggling to attract sponsors for your expedition? In November 2009, I gave a talk at the Royal Geographical Society’s “Explore” Conference on the subject of expedition fundraising. This article contains my top five tips from the talk (and you get them all without having to endure my bad jokes).

All You Need to Know About Wakeboarding!

Wakeboarding is an extreme water sport that combines techniques from surfing, water skiing and snowboarding. A wakeboard is normally towed behind a boat at a speed of 18MPH – 24 MPH, and is ridden sideways like a snowboard or a skateboard.

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