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The Equipment You Will Need For Paintball

Paintball is an awesome sport that combines the excitement of war games with the joy of shooting exercises. If you are just starting out in the world of paintball, you will need to understand the equipment that is required for the sport. The most obvious piece is the paintball gun, however you might be surprised to learn that it is not the most important.

How to Clean and Maintain a Paintball Marker? Here Are a Few Professional Tips and Tricks

The fact that your gun shoots paintballs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it. Hey, you should be able to clean it with your eyes closed man!

Paintball Techniques – Paintball Bunker Tips – Have Eyes Like Predators, Not Prey

Learn paintball techniques on how to shoot and react when you are behind the bunkers. In paintball, the one’s who spotted the opponents first will win! Please don’t stick your head out too long when you are popping your head out. Don’t be an easy target for your opponent.

Jumping Stilts – New Phenomena in Extreme Sports

The latest craze in extreme sports involves jumping stilts, which propel you higher, faster, and further through space than you every thought possible. You can now take a step and find your energy used to make that step bigger thanks to the spring located in the stilts. The spring inside each of the apparatuses saves normal energy and injects it back into every action performed on the product.

How to Win Paintball – 3 Professional Tips

Paintball can be a painful sport if you lose. The very nature of the sport makes it much more desirable to win as you’re much more likely to get hit with paintballs if you’re on the losing team. So in this article I will outline 3 tips that you will be able to put into use to greatly increase your chances of winning at paintball.

Hitting the Trails That Hit You Back!

I got off to kind of a late start on this ride which was a mistake because it was one in the afternoon and already 92 degrees outside. Now, some of you might not consider 92 degrees to be severe weather but where I live in rainy Northwestern Washington it is considered record breaking heat! Let me tell you, It’s hard to adjust to those kinds of temperatures in a place where getting a little sun makes the nightly news.

Paintball For Kids – How to Ensure Your Children Play Paintball Safely

There are more people who sustain serious injuries golfing than playing paintball, so it is a very safe sport in comparison to more mainstream sports. Kids tend to get injured when playing paintball because of a lack of supervision, or lack of appropriate equipment. In this article I will outline what pointers you need to look for when booking paintball to make sure they stay safe.

Chaz Back on Top at Dew Tour Portland

With Sheckler out of the picture, the finalists witnessed a chance to shake up the leader board. Chaz Ortiz, the youngter, took full advantage, winning and taking over the top position in tour standings.

Training and Preparing to Qualify For the US Olympic Team BMX Racing

For Mike Day, this meant his opportunity would be to legitimately compete for points against the best BMXers in the world in order to qualify him for the U.S. Olympic Trials. The next plan was to win trials and go to Beijing. If you notice, it’s a step by step, being in the moment process. Goal planning was the key and plugging the necessary performance program components to accomplish the goal was imperative.

Paintball Bunker Tips – Don’t Chicken Out in Your Paintball Game

In the minds of paintball newbies, hiding in a bunker forever is going to keep them from being eliminated. That’s so wrong! Here are some paintball tips to teach paintball beginners how paintball should be played.

Paintball Goggle Safety – 3 Tips to Make Sure Your Paintball Masks Are Safe

Paintball goggles are probably the most important piece of safety kit you will wear when paintballing, as they protect some of the most sensitive parts of your body such as your eyes. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you carry out the correct checks to make sure that they are safe to use on a paintballing field. In this article I will outline what checks you should carry out to prevent any malfunction with your goggles.

Paintball Safety For Beginners – How You Can Avoid Injury

Paintball is a very safe sport in comparison to other sports, in fact you are 19 times more likely to suffer a serious injury playing football than you are playing paintball. Injuries do still happen though playing paintball, which is a shame as the vast majority of them are preventable. In this article I will outline the steps you should take to further reduce the risk of you being injured playing paintball.

Discover the Secret of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are safer forms of highly-evolved BB guns. These guns fire plastic versions of the metal ball bearings that almost took your eye out all those years ago.

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