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Will a Face Mask Protect You From an Airsoft Gun?

This is a great question that is the topic of many forums on airsoft gun safety. The answers lie in a couple of different areas, namely mass of the projectile and projectile velocity. We will try to resolve the question at hand with a little common sense and knowledge.

Using Airsoft Targets And Guns For A Safe New Hobby

Serious hobbyists and older children alike are commonly drawn to the thrill of owning an airsoft gun. These devices are used to realistically mimic the functions and style of real weapons and are usually harmlessly used to shoot at targets. Some airsoft gun fans shoot outside or in a garage, while others attend official shooting practices on airsoft targets with fellow enthusiasts.

Proper Airsoft Safety – Tips On How To Stay Safe When Playing Airsoft Games

If you play airsoft or are thinking of letting your kids get into the sport then you need to know how to stay safe when playing airsoft. Failure to adequately prepare yourself for the game could leave you injured. In the article below I will cover some basic airsoft safety items and tips that will help you prepare properly.

Paintball Vs Airsoft – Pros and Cons of Each

Paintball and Airsoft are two very similar sports. For the newbies it might be hard to choose between the two. Both have their pros and cons and understanding them will help you select the better option for you.

SRC Airsoft Guns – Is SRC a Good Airsoft Brand and Should I Buy One?

There are many brands of airsoft guns on the market today. They range from low dollar plastic toys to high dollar all metal weapons. One brand that has risen above the rest is SRC airsoft guns. However they are not as well known as they could be leaving many people to wonder is SRC a good airsoft brand and should I buy it? The article below is going to answer that question for you.

How Is Your Attack Style?

Paintball is one of the world’s fastest played game.  Speed and strategy are everything.

Simple Physics 101 Determines Marker Performance

As in all realms of life physics rules the day in paintball markers.  We all are constantly looking to improve our velocity, angle, drag and trajectory.

Dirt Bike Helmets For Head Protection

Extreme sport is a hobby that has been growing its popularity through the hands of time. As a matter of fact people seem to be fascinated with this that they simply can not afford just to be an audience but at the same participate in this kind of activity too. Yet along with the thrill and the excitement that comes from this kind of sport is the fact that you are putting your own life at stake.

Paintball Shooting: Hit Hard To Eliminate Enemies

Whether for real or fun, games are played to win. So there will be party or individual who will win against their opponent. So there are two sides to a game the winner and the loser. But everybody plays to win. So like any other games playing Paintball Shooting is about winning, it is about eliminating your enemy so that you emerge as a winner. But to become a winner you will have to be good at what you are playing then only you will be able to beat your opponent(s).

It Is 2011 Fone Bandit

Distinct folks from distinct areas have been hooked by the sport called kite boarding. Who would not be captivated by this fantastic and breathtaking activity?

SRC Airsoft Guns – Looking At The Different Types of SRC Airsoft Guns and The Differences They Have

There are many well known brands of airsoft guns on the market today. There are also a few lesser known brands like SRC airsoft guns that ave the quality but not the name recognition. This article will help you see SRC is a good airsoft brand to pick for your next weapon.

Airsoft Safety Tips – How to Keep Safe Playing Airsoft

The sport of airsoft is growing at a record pace and many people are wanting to get involved. The one thing that holds many of these people back is they are not sure how safe it is or how to keep safe playing airsoft. The article below will give you some brief tips on staying safe during an airsoft game.

SRC Airsoft Pistols – SRC SR92 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol Review

The SRC SR92 M9 gas blow back airsoft pistol is a very quality firearm. However it is not a well known mainstream gun. The article below will give you a quick review of the SRC SR92 so you can see why it is so much better then most gas blow back pistols on the market.

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