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Paragliding vs Skydiving – Which is For You?

Are you dreaming to fly? Nowadays people have several options to fulfill such a dream – much more than in the near past. You can try things like flying an ultralight airplane, making BASE jumps, flying a hang glider or paraglider, skydiving and indoor skydiving. In this article I’ll focus on two of the most popular options – both are “engine free” – flying your own light sport aircraft is really complex and expensive, so let’s not talk about that. Let’s instead of that see whether Paragliding or Skydiving is the right sport for you.

A Look at Extreme Sports – Paintball Vs Airsoft

If you’re looking to play extreme sport, have you ever heard of paintball or airsoft? These two games are becoming more and more popular nowadays and are the choice of many people who want to play a sport full of action and excitement.

Why Use Airsoft Spring Guns?

Spring guns are usually overlooked because of their one-shot capability coupled with their limited power and distance. But if you are just beginning with the sport, then you might one to consider buying a spring powered gun.

How to Use a Wingsuit For Human Flight

This article provides information about how you can fly using a wingsuit. Here you will find the steps you need to take, and a discussion about some of the concepts involved in this unusual form of human flight.

Keep Cool While Hiking

Heat exhaustion is no fun. You are in luck, staying cool in the heat of the day is just a tip or two away!

Tippmann X7 Phenom – Tippmann Blasts the Web With a New Revolutionary Marker

Tippmann Sports may be officially changing the way they think, design and manufacture paintball guns. Their latest release is a far departure from the typical ‘Tippmann’ design that’s been serving the paintball community for decades now.

Airsoft Guns – Not Just For Play

There isn’t a moviegoer in the world today, young or old, who hasn’t seen a gun yielding villain (or hero) in a movie and wished they could have been in at least one scene themselves. However, no one would want to cause any real harm to anyone else, which is where airsoft guns come in handy.

Airsoft Guns and the Technology

The design of the airsoft guns were supposed to be simple. As manufacturers saw a need for the technology, they answered the call. The call was to Japan. In the 1970s, it was illegal for anyone to own a firearm. Airsoft technology was the way around the law. These guns offered military designs but were not deadly.

Enjoy the Thrill of Adventure Sport With Airsoft Guns

You will love to enjoy the thrilling nature of the adventure sport with airsoft guns, the amazing gaming tool of the young generation. The young crowd is fascinated by the excitement that this game arouses in them when they shoot pellets and BBs in a competition using the toy guns, which are look-alike of original models of weapons.

Airsoft Guns Are Adult Size Toys That Look Real

Airsoft guns are air powered replicas of real guns. These guns were originally created in China, were the government had made fire-arms illegal and citizens still wanted to collect them. Manufacturers stepped forward and provided the first airsoft guns to these Chinese citizens who desired guns but could not get their hands on the real things.

How to Get Started With BMX

I’m going to show you how to get started with BMX. BMX is a fun, exciting, yet challenging sport that will really let you loose.

The Paintball Mask – The Essential Accessory

Aside from the paintball gun, the paintball mask is the most important piece of kit you will invest in. Although the number of serious injuries in paintball is low compared with other sports, they can be severe. A paintball travelling at 300 feet per second can do a lot of damage, particularly to the sensitive head area. It is essential that you protect your eyes and ears from injury with a good quality mask.

How to Choose Which Airsoft Gun to Buy

The reasons why people get airsoft guns for their selves vary from personal frustrations to dream-fulfilling gift choices. With its popularity growing in the world today, you can find these guns almost anywhere. Nonetheless, in order to pick the best one, one should know why one wants to buy in the first place.

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