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What is Paintball and How Did it Start?

Paintball is a popular sport where players shoot at each other with guns that fire balls of non toxic paint. This sport started about forty years ago and it is estimated that over five million people play each year. The most popular game is called Capture The Flag. As with any sport proper clothing and protective gear is a must!

Shopping For Discount Wakeboards and Wakeboard Vests is a Wise Decision

There are some very dangerous elements you must pay close consideration to go ahead of some wakeboard purchases. To start with, it is most surely your protection. Professionals and beginners alike have to consider first their safety. If you want to save money by purchasing at discount wakeboards location, the money being saved since you did not buy a new one should be set aside to buy a wakeboard vest.

Where to Play Airsoft

If you are looking for a place to play airsoft, then you need to read this article. It is packed with tips about where you can go to engage in this fun sport!

Airsoft Tips – Using Support Gunners Strategically

One of the most important roles on the airsoft field is that of Support Gunner. Also known as Gunners, Machine Gunners and Automatic Rifleman, a Support Gunner is responsible for providing rapid, high-power fire in both defensive and offensive tactical capacities on the airsoft field. Not only are Gunners a critical strategic element, but they also have the good fortune of operating high-powered, rapid fire, high capacity SAWs (Squad Automatic Weapons).

Kitesurfing Lessons – What to Look For in a Kite Lesson Learning Location

What should you be looking for in the location you take your kitesurfing lessons? Most people would answer, flat water, constant wind, ready supply of Pina Colada’s and the nearby presence of the Brazilian beach volleyball team.

Setting Up an Airsoft Shooting Range in Your Backyard

Have you ever wanted something to do any time in your own backyard? With an airsoft shooting range, you can have fun for years at a low cost!

Wakeboard Size – Consider the Security

Wakeboarding is not an easy sport, engaging yourself won’t be considered as a joke, life is the one you trade to enjoy. Regarding with this sport, wakeboard is the one that makes everything possible. Well, just like looking for the right size that fits your body, choosing the right wakeboard size is one of the most important things in purchasing.

Airsoft Vs Paintball – Which Extreme Sport is More Dangerous?

Many people think that airsoft and paintball are dangerous, but the truth is neither one of these extreme sports produces more injuries than a common club sport (ie. basketball, football, baseball, etc). If you are thinking about joining either of these sports, all the power to you.

Kitesurfing Lessons – 5 Tips to Put You in the Zone For Your Kitesurfing Lessons

So your about to take kitesurfing lessons or maybe you’ve done them and are looking to push yourself to the next level, maybe your looking to crack the waterstart or maybe your looking to ride upwind, here I lay out 10 great tips to keep yourself focussed and progressing. 1 – Persevere. This really is the key, you can learn kitesurfing you just have to keep on getting up and having another go, at first and especially during your kitesurfing lessons it can be tedious and frustrating but just remember that every other person…

Wakeboard Store Place to Make Wakeboarding Possible

In doing things people need to have equipments to have the self security. Wakeboarding is been a difficult sport compare to any other sports. A lot of precautionary measures are considered in doing this hobby.

How to Skydive Well

Anybody that has come across skydiving at anytime will be only too aware of all the myths surrounding this pastime. Here we will attempt to prove or dispel these myths once and for all.

Paintball Guns Reviews

Paintball started back in the 1970s and since then it has gained lots of enthusiasts that are enjoying this type of recreation. The popularity has grown over the last few years especially in the business world as many consider this activity suitable for team-building. It is considered a sport that can be quite exciting and the perfect way to shake off the pressure from work or home.

How to Play Paintball

Paintball as a sport has grown impressively over the last 2 decades that is why along with the increasing number of players, the types of paintball games have also developed as today there are several types of how this sport can be played. With this article we will offer a brief presentation of a few ways in which paintball is played nowadays. Assassins – the paintball players stand in a circle along with their cards which have their names as well as a description of what their wearing.

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