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Cleaning Paintball Equipment

Paintball equipment is bound to get dirty after a long day of having fun which is why you should know a couple of things for properly making the gear as good as new. You will be needing a regular washing machine; lint-free, soft rags; microfiber cloth and a spray bottle. First of all, the apparel; here we include pants, shirts, socks, headwear, gloves and pads.

Chemicals Used In Paintballs

Paintball is a very popular outdoor sporting activity where players compete against each other on a battlefield and shoot by using specialized guns that deliver a ball-shaped pellet filled with paint to its desired target. What you might not know is that there are a couple of chemicals that are used for producing the paintballs. Although most of the paintballs are labeled as nontoxic, some of the used ingredients can have severed adverse reactions in animals if they are ingested.

The Different Types of Airsoft Games

For more than twenty years now, the sport of airsoft has been one of the top favorite role playing games that is being enjoyed by a lot of Americans. It involves gearing up like police or military personnel and using replicas of real guns that are being used by the authorities. In the early 1980s, airsoft weapons primarily consisted of spring powered short arms or long rifles but as time went by, it gradually evolved into modern electric guns which are being preferred right now by most enthusiasts.

How Does The Inner Mechanism Of An Airsoft Gun Work?

Airsoft is a popular sport which primarily involves the use of gun replicas which look, feel, and weigh just like their real counterparts. Airsoft guns are loaded with six millimeter-size biodegradable plastic pellets, though there are some models now that use eight millimeter pellets. These pellets are ejected through the barrel by the inner mechanical gears and springs found inside every airsoft gun.

Other Tactical Weapons Used in Airsoft Games

One of the most popular sports being enjoyed by a lot of people today is the game of airsoft. It is a team sport where the participants are dressed up like military or police officers and are equipped with gears just like the real things. Their primary weapons are airsoft guns which could either be spring, gas, or battery powered, and looks just like authentic guns being carried by the authorities.

9 Things To Expect When Bungy Jumping

Finally decided to take that great big leap and stretch the limits of your fears by deciding to go bungy jumping? A spectacular choice indeed! Bungy jumping has its own set of thrills to fill in every adrenalin rush you need. Before you take that leap (rather jump), here are a few things of what to expect from bungy jumping.

Everything About Paintball Mines

Paintball technology has just gotten better with the inclusion of paintball landmines. This article points out everything you need to know about these wonderfully realistic items. Your paintball weekends can now be messier and absolutely more fun!

Top 5 Paintball Gun Drills

They say practice makes perfect. It’s definitely true for paintball. This article describes five drills for improving your paintball gun skills. After practicing these crucial moves outside the arena, you’ll find yourself hitting more targets inside the arena.

Kiteboarding Kites – How to Launch a Kite From a Boat for Intermediates

This information is for those who have already mastered the techniques outlined in the first article on boat launching a kite. Here we will cover more advanced techniques and solo launching. Often times it is tough to rally the homies for a session as busy work and family schedules can be hard to coordinate. Also many sweet kiteboarding spots requiring access by boat might not have super shallow water for the techniques discussed in the first article.

Identifying Types of Paintball Gear

There is something about the game of paintball that makes it fun, competitive and addicting. First introduced in the 1970s as a way to mark cattle and trees while hunting, paintball began to evolve as a game during the 1980s and gained even more recognition when it was featured on the cover of a national sports magazine. By the 1990s, this combative sport even had a slot on national television, as there was a paintball tournament aired on cable.

You Need This for Your Next Paintball Game

Paintball parties are one of the greatest entertainments for a weekend. Standing on the sidelines being an observer can also be a lot of fun.

Paintball Gun Information

Paintball is steadily growing in popularity among both men and women. This team sport is a fun way for friends as well as strangers to form bonds while working closely to defeat the opposing team. As with all sports having the proper equipment is essential.

Aim for the Paintball Helmet for Maximum Splatter

Starting out, those new to the game of paintball tend to fire round after round toward practically anything that resembles an opponent. This is a waste of ammunition and an annoyance to advanced players. Learning the proper hard targets is paramount to an enjoyable experience.

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