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What Ammo Should I Use?

An overview of the types of ammo you should use for Airsoft. Airsoft BB tips.

How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

Learn the basics of how airsoft guns work. You may be surprised at how simple they are.

Mastering Paintball Tactics and Ethics Makes a Better Game For All

Paintball has an avid and growing followership, and games can be intense, exciting, and very competitive. Mastering a few basic tactics will make any player more effective, while keeping basic rules in mind, whether written or unwritten, will lead to a safer, more enjoyable game for all.

Spring Airsoft Rifles – Everything You Need to Know

Spring Airsoft rifles, like other spring piston guns, feature a single shot cocking mechanism. They are almost always modeled after military grade firearms, the two most popular being the M16 and the AK-47. Often made with ABS plastic and aluminum, these spring Airsoft rifles are heavy in weight with full sized scale frames.

Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifles – Everything You Need to Know

Spring Airsoft sniper rifles are the most elaborate form of spring guns. They easily shoot at velocities of 500 feet per second or more with some that boast over 700 fps. You definitely do not want to be on the receiving end of one of these bad boys.

Spring Airsoft Shotguns – Everything You Need to Know

Spring Airsoft shotguns shoot at high velocities with a large kill radii making them ideal for Airsoft skirmishes and tournaments, especially in close quarter combat situations. Most spring shotguns are pump action with a realistic shell ejection mechanism after each shot. They can fire anywhere between one to five BBs in a single shot, depending on which shotgun model is being used.

Spring Airsoft Pistols – Everything You Need to Know

Spring Airsoft pistols are the ideal choice for first time participants of the Airsoft sport. Spring pistols are reliable and easy to use; all you have to do is cock back the barrel back and pull the trigger to fire. Spring pistols use.12g and.20g BBs. They shoot anywhere between 200-300 feet per second. This velocity isn’t enough to break the skin, but will leave a large welt if you ever get hit by one.

BMX Images

Getting good BMX images can be hard work. There are a number of ways to get a successful BMX photo. As usual, learning how to get a good picture generally comes naturally after you try it a few times.

3 Reasons Why the Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun Rocks

The Tippmann A5 paintball gun/marker is a very popular gun that is highly praised by paintball players for its reliability and ease of use. In fact this paintball marker is so popular that you can hardly go to any paintball battlefield and not find at least one player using one.

.43 Caliber AG1 Formula Paintballs

Real Action Paintball has brought the same technology that made their.68 caliber paintball work so well and introduced the AG1 formula to the .43 caliber AG1 formula paintball. As with all AG1 paintballs, this .43 caliber’s casing and paint is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Things You Need to Know to Be Successful With Extreme Sports

There are a lot of people who engage in sports. You can join sports to enjoy and have some fun and at the same time have a healthy body. Swimming, basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball are some of the popular sports today.

The Rocket Propelled Grenade Paintball Launcher

The Rocket Propelled Grenade Paintball Launcher is the king of all paintball weapons. Capable of firing several different ammo types up to 300 feet away, this RPG7 model paintball launcher will endless hours of fun and excitement to the battlefield.

How to Get Started With Airsoft

In this article we discuss the things you need to get started with Airsoft. We cover everything from equipment to where to play.

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