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Mastering the Wind in Disc Golf

For many players, throwing a round of disc golf in a substantial wind is not something to look forward to. In certain areas, like in the central plains, disc golfers have become accustomed to throwing in the wind. Instead of viewing wind as a problem, the successful disc golfer tries to see it as a benefit. The wind can be your friend, if you know how to work with it.

Skydiving: Benefits of This Adrenaline Rush

Many people are unaware about the benefits of skydiving. This activity does more good to your body than just giving you an intense adrenaline rush. Find out more about this extreme activity when you check out this site for more information.

What Is a Mud Run, Exactly?

Mud Running has become very popular recently, but what exactly is a mud run? This article discusses the various types of mud runs out there.

Important Safety Gear for the Off Roader

The off road bikes and ATV bikes, also known as dirt bikes have enjoyed a niche market since decades. These vehicles are a bit pricey, and not everyone would enjoy the features that a dirt bike would offer, making it a rare buy and a more rare sight on the road.

Big Demands on Young Drivers Such As Harry Tincknell

The media are always looking for the next big story and as drivers progress so too does the interest in them. Couple this rising media expectation with the prevalence of social media, it safe to say that any young up and coming sports star has to be a bit media savvy nowadays.

Driver Development Initiatives Help Young Drivers Like Harry Tincknell Racing

The initiatives generally offer up driver coaching and mentoring, from a pool of previous race aces, who work alongside skilled hands within a racing team’s set up to oversee the driver development programme. Integral to the programmes are driver testing and development, all of which is overseen by the core team.

Extreme Snow Sports Biking And Surfing

These activities differ from traditional sports and games due to their environmental characteristics. They usually involve environmental variables including weather and terrain related, including snow, water, ice, wing and mountains.

Action Cameras – Why Go Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi connectivity and gadgets go hand in hand, from smartphones and tablets to games consoles and televisions, the ability to connect and share with the world wide web has become a normal part of everyday life for many of us. However, while phones, tablets and such like have been utilising Wi-Fi functionality for what seems like forever, it’s taken a little while longer for other areas of the technology/gadget market to catch up, including action cameras. However, times they are a changin’, and the recent flurry of Wi-Fi action cameras to enter the…

What Is the Advantage of a Two Tower System When Wakeboarding?

When I’m wakeboarding I’m often asked what a ‘two tower’ system is and how it differs from regular cable and boat. Essentially a two tower system (also called a straight line system or linear system) consists of two towers (around 6 meters/20 foot high) and a looped cable running between the two. This is usually powered by an electrical motor that runs the cable backwards and forwards.

Getting Off to a Smooth Start With Atom Longboards

Since 2005, Atom longboards have appealed to riders who appreciate well-made equipment but want access to it without having to spend a lot of money. The components of each board can withstand heavy usage, and there are plenty of cool graphics to choose from so that users can display their sense of style as they glide along paved sidewalks. If you’re thinking about getting into the sport of longboarding, Atom longboards offer an appealing choice.

Urban Blue Longboards Put Customisation at Your Fingertips

As you’ll find out by gaining experience, longboarding is a sport that requires precise gear capabilities. Seemingly small details such as the size of the board, and the board’s shape can make a big difference in a rider’s enjoyment. Since these details are largely up to personal preference, some companies such as Urban Blue Longboards give riders all they need to create a longboard that’s uniquely tailored to their specifications.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Transportation With Micro Kickboard Scooters

Even with the price of fuel constantly on the rise, road traffic seems consistently heavy so that getting to work or school can take longer than ever. If you like to be able to get where you need to go in a timely manner, Micro kickboard scooters might be a solution. By using them, you’ll put transportation freedom back into your own hands and be able to glide by others who are sitting in traffic more than progressing towards their destination.

Kitesurfing – The Extreme Sport for Old Men!

As you grow older your body can not take any more of the stress that you are used to exposing it to through various sports and other physical activites. Luckily a relatively new sport has seen the light of day, a sport that is fun and doesn’t harm your body as well as a sport that can be practised by anyone. This sport is called kitesurfing!

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