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Carry More Ammo And Gear With Paintball Pod Harnesses

There’s more to your paintball equipment than just your gun, hopper, air tank and mask. If you don’t have a way of carrying ammunition, your game will only be as long as the size of your hopper; in most cases, this barely 200 rounds. In fast action games, it’s amazing how quickly you can run through this many. The problem is paintballs are bulky and trouble to carry. A paintball pod harness is the best way to carry lots of ammo easily balanced wrapped around the body. Keep reading this article to learn more about this necessary piece of equipment and key features to look out for when shopping.

Kitesurfing Champions Of Cape Verde

Perhaps you’ve seen kitesurfing exhibitions on TV, or saw some pictures of it in the internet, and found it to be very interesting. And like many others, you want to know where you can actually learn the sport. Luckily, there are more kitesurfing locations than you think. And because the rise of its popularity is phenomenal, their number is steadily increasing. So where are these places and how do you get there?

How To Become The Best Paintball Team Captain

Just because you’re on a paintball team doesn’t mean you will win. If you don’t have a winning strategy or the ability to work well with each other, you have no chance. Whether you play tournament speedball or scenario woodsball, teams are divided into positions with players having certain responsibilities they must handle. Don’t expect to win if your team has no direction because of poor leadership! The team captain must be an expert at playing so he can orchestrate a winning strategy. He must possess certain skills and have a good rapport with his teammates so they can function like a well oiled machine rather than a bunch of individuals. In most teams, the captain’s job also extends beyond the field; lining up competitions, practices, setting up travel arrangements and even applying for sponsorships are also important and often handled by the team captin. Keep reading this article to learn some of the jobs and responsibilities of a good paintball team captain so you can lead your team to victory!

How a Motocross Racer Should Use and Respect Protein

Everything you need to know about the best way to utilise and respect protein in your motocross athlete diet! Get the right nutrition to succeed.

What Happens to Your Muscles When You’re ‘Out of Action’

What happens to you and your muscles if you, as an athlete, have suffered an injury meaning you have to stop exercising or be ‘out of action’ for a short time? We clear up the misconceptions and give you all the facts!

Paintball – Excellent Game For People Of All Ages

Paintball is a very popular game in the United States. People of any age can play this game without the need for any extensive training.

What To Expect At Your First Paintball Competition

Your first paintball competition can be an exhilarating and nerve racking experience! You’ll feel an excitement of getting the opportunity to compete but also the nervousness of a first time experience and not knowing what to expect. Before you enter your first competition, your best bet is to tag along with a friend as a spectator or helper at one of his competitions so you can watch how it’s run and what to do. Many first time competitors prefer the baptism by fire approach – they jump in with both feet to their first meet without ever knowing anything about it! Read this article to catch an early glimpse of what to expect at your first meet.

How To Find The Cheapest Deals For The Best Paintball Guns

Buying a new paintball gun is an exciting decision for an avid player. This excitement is often squelched however when faced with the expensive price tags on most new markers. Besides initial start up costs of buying your own gear, ongoing expenses of playing often keeps many players from enjoying the sport as often as they want. To keep paintball affordable, saving money by searching for deals is important. If you’re a savvy enough shopper and use a little strategy when searching for your dream gun, you can buy a very good paintball gun for a reasonable price. Knowing where and when to shop for a top rated marker can make all the difference. Keep reading this article to learn the best ways of finding the cheapest prices for top name brand paintball guns and equipment.

How To Choose The Best Paintball Uniform

One of the best things about paintball is you can wear anything you want to play. Most people prefer long sleeves and long pants to help take the sting out of being hit; baggy clothing is definitely a plus. While a professional paintball uniform can be an extra expense, the advantages can far outweigh the costs if you choose the right type. Paintball uniforms bring extra protection but are also designed to improve performance and bring a professional look to whoever wears them. This apparel is worn by pro paintball athletes however every beginner who wants to be good should wear this clothing too. The trick is finding the best fitting, most comfortable uniform that not only looks great but has the most performance enhancing features for the cheapest price. Keep reading this article to learn what to look for so you can buy the best paintball uniform for the price.

Playing Paintball Game For Fun

Paintball is an exciting, action-packed, adrenalin driven game where players shoot paintballs at each other. When someone is hit, that person is out of the game. Here are some tips on how to make this game more exciting, more challenging and more enjoyable.

Paintball Gun CO2 Vs High Pressure Air Tanks

Paintball guns carry their own power source, a separate tank filled with CO2, nitrogen or high pressure air. Most markers will run on either CO2 or high pressure air, while fewer use nitrogen. Learning the difference between CO2 and high pressure air tanks will help when deciding between the two. While the one most suited to a player depends on a number of factors, keep reading this article to learn which will give the best performance for your particular paintball gun and situation.

Windsurfing Rigging Tips

Before getting out on the water, you need to get your equipment prepared. Rigging is probably the most confusing aspect of this sport. An improperly rigged sail can be problematic in light wind, and become a nightmare in high gusty winds.

The Thrills of Paintball Battles in Colorado

If you’re looking for paintball spots in Colorado for a bachelor party, a birthday, a company outing, or a weekend with friends, we suggest Blitz Paintball, which is open during weekends, all year. There are over 11,000 square feet of staging area (shaded), including scenario-recreational fields and professionally leveled tournament paintball fields with their own parking lots.

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