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Paintball Equipment – 2 Cheap Online Sources For Paintball Gear

Like most sports, if you play them at a competitive level you will need to invest in decent equipment. This can be expensive especially if you plan to buy competition level paintball equipment. So in this article I will outline 2 sources that you can use to find paintball equipment for cheap.

Paintballing Tips – Where to Find the Best Tips For Paintball

If you are looking to improve your paintballing game, or you are just going paintball for the first time then tips and strategies from experienced paintball players are probably going to be along the lines of what you are looking for. So in this article I will outline the best places you can find paintballing tips on the internet.

Paragliding is Like Flying With the Birds

Paragliding is like flying with the birds. In fact paragliders tend to use the birds themselves to determine when it is the best time to fly.

Tokyo Marui AK47S Airsoft Gun Review

A review of the Tokyo Marui AK47S airsoft gun. I have 600 round high-caps as standard, meaning you can lay down a monstrous amount of fire, but while the standard AK has room for a fat battery in the stock, the AKS has to hold a smaller one in the main body. This means batteries run out faster and the rate of fire is slightly lower.

Paintball Tactics – The Shoot Move and Wait Paintball Tactic

There are lots of different paintball tactics that a player can use. Some work in a certain scenario while others are designed to work in a different one. Each paintball tactic you learn can be added to your arsenal of tactics and pulled out and used when the timing is right. In this article you will learn a paintball tactic that you can try out the next time a special situation arrives.

Paintball Playing Fields – How to Find Your Closest Paintball Field

Paintball is still a relatively young sport in comparison, to the more established sports such as Rugby and football. Because of this there’s not as many well developed paintball facilities for paintball players, meaning they can be harder to find. So in this article I will outline 3 easy methods that you can use to find your closest paintball fields.

Airsoft Sniper Tactics

The games played with airsoft guns are the kiddo version of the Hollywood action flicks. In this the two teams of children hit one another with airsoft rifles and lay down the opponents with the non metallic bullets fired from these guns. There is plethora of rifle models available in the market, but the Airsoft Sniper Tactics remains to be the most loved one.

Paintball Guide – Let an Experienced Player Be Your Paintball Guide

Paintball is a challenging, adrenaline and heart pumping extreme sport that millions of people enjoy. Even if you aren’t any good it can be fun to play, but it always is more fun to be able to win the games you play and eliminate lots of paintball players in each game you play. A paintball guide is a helpful tool in becoming a better player faster.

Paintball Tactics – Who You Should Learn Paintball Tactics From

To me there is nothing more fun than going out and playing paintball. It’s intense, fun, filled with action, and when the day is done it leaves me feeling great and a little more experienced. If you are here reading this, you probably feel the same way.

Paintball Tips – Experience Forms Better Paintball Players

Paintball is a thrilling sport full of shooting, running, squatting, crawling, and more. It is an active sport that favors those who have fast reaction time, are quick, have good accuracy, and have good experience.

Airsoft FAQs – What is Hop Up?

Most serious airsoft players understand hop up and have formed their opinions as to its usefulness, but not all players have quite grasped the concept. Today’s installment of our new “Airsoft FAQs” series focuses on just that topic – what is hop up?

Jumping Stilts – The Newest Extreme Sport – What They Are and Why You Need to Jump In!

Have you ever heard of jumping stilts? If you haven’t, that’s not too surprising since they’re pretty new – but I’ll bet that now that you have, you’ll be glad you did!

Cheap Airsoft Guns – The Spring Has Sprung!

With all of the Electric devices out there in the toy market it’s nice to see that something conventional is still a strong force amongst Airsoft players. Spring Airsoft Guns are still very popular amongst Airsoft gun users. Perhaps not as popular as their Electric Airsoft Gun cousins but still very popular nonetheless.

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