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When Going Backpacking – Things to Consider When Going Backpacking

So you are thinking about going backpacking, are you? Before heading out you are going to want to have a plan. Your experience will usually be much better if you take a few steps in preparation beforehand.

Highlights of the 2009 X Games

This article will give you an over view of the X games in 2009. Some of the highlights may attract you.

Corporate Paintball – How to Get the Best Corporate Paintball Deal

Most large companies place a lot of emphasis on team building because of the positive effect it can bring into the workplace. Corporate events play a bit part in encouraging team building, especially team sporting events like paintballing where people are forced to work together in teams. In this article I will outline how you can get the best possible deal, when booking your corporate paintballing days.

Airsoft FAQs – What is Dead Man Walking?

An explanation of the airsoft expression “Dead Man Walking.” Because airsoft relies on the honor system, a fair skirmish requires that players call themselves out when they have been hit. Players must also avoid firing at any player who has been hit but has not yet exited the playing field.

Paintball Gun Safety

Paintball gun safety is serious. To prevent injury and protect our beloved sport we all need to do our part in practicing and promoting proper safety techniques. Paintball guns are not toys and should be handled with respect and care even when not being used.

How to Prepare For a Successful Summit of Mount Everest

To successfully reach the top of the highest mountain in the world has been an archetypal dream throughout the history of mankind. This article provides useful information for anyone who is considering a summit attempt of Mount Everest.

What is it About Airsoft Guns?

Guns have been a large part of our society since they were invented. And the Toy Gun has been a part of most young boys curiosity for just as long. So its no wonder that Airsoft Guns are so popular right now. With Airsoft Guns you can get detailed replicas of your favorite weapons.

Three Great Reasons Why You Will Never Bore of Your Trainer Kite

Trainer kites are essential when learning to kiteboard, but what happens after you take your lessons? Is the kite useless? Was it a waste of money? I think not, and here are three reasons why…

A Guide to Understanding Trainer Kite Terminology

It’s hard enough to shop for something as potentially confusing as a trainer kite is, but needing to wade through a slew of new and confusing terms just makes things worse. Likewise from my end, it’s tough to write about and describe something without being able to use the proper word for it; so to clear everything up, here’s the description of all the trainer kite terms that you might run into when looking for a kite of your own.

Some Features of Bushrag Ghillie Suit

They are made from burlap and jute and are treated with a fire retardant for safety; the wearer can choose different color patterns for their particular needs. Buying a bushrag kit along with the basic suit will allow the user the ability to customize their suit for the specific terrain that will most likely encounter.

Jumping Stilts – Top Ten Reasons You Really Need Them!

It’s cutting edge! Seriously, the patent was only granted in 2004 and the inventor, German aerospace engineer Alexander Boeck, just worked out the prototype design in the late 1990s. They’ve only been generally available in the US for just about two years – yeah, now that’s cutting edge! So cutting edge, in fact, that there’s still debate about what best to call it when people are jumping around on their stilts.

Choose Your Weapon – How to Select Your First Airsoft Gun

Choosing the right weapon will enhance your airsoft sporting experience. Follow these steps when selecting your first firearm.

Paintball Cost – How You Can Play Paintball For Much Cheaper

Paintball is a rapidly growing sport, and can be expensive if you use a large amount of paintballs. So in this article I will outline a number of ways that you can greatly reduce the cost of going painballing.

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