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Extreme Sport Challenge – What is a Lumshavak Or Lomcevak?

Many folks dream of experiencing an extreme sport, but they are too chicken to actually go for it. Some folks fancy themselves with a bungee cord strapped on and driving off a giant bridge, but still, they will never go through with it. Well, I know an extreme sport that is one that will definitely get you in hyper-adrenaline mode.

Think You Know Extreme Sports – Try Ice Climbing

Society seems to be intrigued by Extreme Sports, and we all love to turn on the X-games and watch daredevils risk it all to please the crowds and we just cannot get enough of it. Still, we are easily bored and we want more, action, more sacrifice, greater risks, and we want it now. Okay, so you think you know extreme sports, and you’ve watched motorcycle jumps, skateboard ramps that go up 60 feet skyward, and watched B.

Extremism – Do You Love to Fly, Love Speed on the Land, Water and in the Air?

When it comes to sports, speed seems to bring out the most intriguing folks, along with all the adrenaline junkies. When we watch extreme sports on TV, we love the speed demons, the aerial performances, and yes, we love it when they have; “the pedal to the floor, and begging for more!” If you love speed, I suggest you learn to fly.

White Water Canoeing During Storm Season – Whooorah!

Most people that do kayaking or canoe in whitewater river rapids know that the best time to go is as the snow is melting and the water flow increases. The other time to go is during storm season right after the storm passes massive amounts of water flow come rushing down the mountain and turn the river into a demon. Sometimes the water is at speeds of 50 miles an hour, and you are in the flow, and that flow of rushing water isn’t stopping for anyone, not you, or any other living species on this planet.

BASE Jumping – Extreme Enough For Any Adrenalin Junkie

Extreme sports are all about the adrenaline junkie, and getting a boost of that rush of chemicals in the brain and throughout the body. Base jumpers, have noted their heart rates, and pulse highly elevated to the point of euphoria. They’ve also noted that slow-motion feeling that you get at times of extreme stress, or when you’re in the zone in sports is ever present.

Motocross Knee Protection – Find the Right MX Knee Braces to Support, Guard and Protect You!

When you ride you gotta protect your knees. This article will help you to save time and money on a motocross knee brace. Protect those knees before something bad happens! Free information here.

Cave Exploring is an Extreme Sport That Can Take You to Hell and Back

When it comes to extreme sports most people think about rock climbing, base jumping, high-speed motorcycle racing, jet boat racing, aircraft aerobatics competitions, or skateboarders as they’re flying up in the air off 60 foot ramps during the X-games. Most people do not think of Cave exploring as an extreme sport. But I can tell you one thing, the terrain is very extreme and it is similar to mountain climbing, rock climbing, or ice climbing.

Paintball Scenarios – How They Can Enhance Your Paintball Experience

Paintball is still a relatively new sport and because of this new drastic developments are still happening to this day. One of the recent developments was the variation of playing scenario paintball. In this article we will explain what scenario paintballing is and explain how it can enhance your overall paintballing experience.

Paintball Injuries – 3 Tips to Help You Avoid Them

Paintballs travelling at the recommended 300 feet per second have the potential to cause serious injury if the right precautions are not taken. This article will outline 3 top tips used by professional paintball centres to greatly reduce the likelihood of a paintball injury.

How to Win at Airsoft Games

What follows is a complete guide to help you with airsoft games. Using this guide, you can purchase airsoft equipment, as well as prepare and learn how to battle. This will not only save you time and money but also help insure your victory on the battlefield.

Roller Derby Comes Back From the Dead

A new generation of plucky girls have revived roller derby, a sport once left for dead. Now its one of the hottest activities in the world for young women.

Kiteboard Kites – Every Kiteboarder Needs the Best of Them

There is an inseparable link between a kiteboard and a kite – one cannot do without the other. A kiteboard is worthless without the support of a kite, even if the kiteboard has been custom made from the best materials and is very expensive. A kite is what gives life to the kiteboard and it is not the other way round. Hence, the sport lovers always spend time with the kiteboarding kites.

Kiteboard Packages – Just the ‘Bang On’ Packages For the Rookies and the Professionals Too

Kiteboard packages or kiteboards are broadly categorized into two categories – those that are meant for the beginners and the others are for the experts. While the beginner’s package consist of a training kite with matching kiteboard, instruction guide or video, harnesses, waterproof and shockproof jacket and few knickknacks, those for the advanced type include most of the well-known brand of kiteboarding gear. It is mandatory that the aspiring water sports enthusiasts pick up new skills and learn about the game, whereas an advanced player should be careful when selecting the right package.

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