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Rafting Or Riverboarding?

Riverboarding is the North American name for a watersport in which the participant is prone on the board with fins on his/her feet for propulsion and steering. This sport is also known as hydrospeed in Europe and white-water sledging in New Zealand.

Five Signs That You Might Have a Low Quality Trainer Kite

With all the different types of trainer kites to choose from, the chances of getting a lemon are good. If you’re looking to avoid getting a low quality kite, knowing these five telltale signs will help you easily steer clear of them. Make sure you watch out for…

My First Skydiving Jump

First of all I would like to make it perfectly clear for those that might be considering making a sky dive jump that I have always been scared of heights. This was not something that I had been planing on or looking forward to.

Best Websites For Purchasing Airsoft Sniper Rifles & AEG’s

Many people seem to wonder which website they should buy their next airsoft rifle from. I have good news, I have purchased dozens of airsoft sniper rifles and AEG guns online, and I have found a few websites that seem to stand out among the rest.

Cheap Paintballs Versus Paintballs For Cheap

Want to find and buy cheap paintballs? Read on to find out more!

Sandboarding Information

Sandboarding was developed out of necessity. In some parts of the world, snow is not an option and those who wanted to be able to snowboard came up with the idea of sandboarding on large sand dunes that are located in the desert. To this day, sandboarding is still a sport even though you don’t hear of it much and there isn’t much likelihood that it will become any more popular. The participants have to walk back up the hills or take four wheel drives because building lifts in that type of environment really isn’t feasible.

Free As a Bird With Hang Gliding

Hang gliding has gotten a bad rap in recent years. People have an unrealistic belief that hang gliding is an extremely dangerous and physically challenging sport. This is just not true. Hang gliding is actually fairly safe if done properly with the correct equipment, and almost anyone can do it. So if you have been resistant to strap on the equipment and fly, read up, this article may completely change your life.

How to Play Cheap Paintball

Paintball can be a very expensive hobby. There are few tricks to making it less expensive and therefore can make you playing experiences more enjoyable and hopefully more frequent.

Paintball Gun Accessories

Paintball gun parts make the upgrading for the paintball marker effortless to manage. With parts like the barrels for a sniper paint ball marker, it is also simple to convert a regular marker into a sniper paint ball gun. A paint ball gun package could be packaged with assorted upgrades for the marker they are packaged along with, which may make for a very good deal.

Windsurfing For Beginners

Windsurfing is a challenging sport, though one that can be enjoyed by children as young as five years old all the way up to adulthood. If you are just starting out, you will want to take lessons. These lessons will ensure that you learn proper techniques and the skills necessary to become an excellent windsurfer. They will also show you how to use your equipment properly.

Protect Your Airsoft Gun and Its Warranty

Some things you do to your airsoft gun may void the warranty. Check out these tips for taking care of your gun!

Paintball Masks – How to Choose the Best One

If you are just starting out playing paintball you have probably realised already how important a good paintball mask is when playing paintball. Lets face it no-one wants to get a paintball travelling at 300 feet per second hitting their naked face. So in this article I will outline the best pointers to enable you to pick a winning paintball mask every time.

Paintball Injuries – How to Avoid Serious Paintball Injuries

Paintball injuries can generally be divided into two groups, serious injuries and minor injuries. The minor injuries include things such as bruising and cuts and scrapes. Where as the more serious injuries include eye and face damage. Thankfully the serious injuries in paintball are easily avoidable and in this article we will outline how to avoid serious injury playing paintball.

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