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The RAP4 Black Thunder Storm Marker

Called the Thunder Storm RAP4 marker; it is creating quite a buzz in the paintball marker world. It is designed with the latest paintball gun marker technology. Armed with many patents it is living up to the hype.

Planning an Outdoor Survival Trip

Are you planning an outdoor survival trip? Are you a beginner or an experienced outdoor enthusiast? Are you physically and mentally able to take on such a trip?

Upgrading The Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker

One of the newest tactical paintball markers is the Tippmann X7 Phenom. This gun comes stock with an electronic trigger and is covered with rails ready for upgrades and cool attachments. The X7 Phenom is super easy to customize and can be modified to suit all your needs on the paintball field; turn your marker into a sniper rifle, carbine or sub-machine gun just to name a few. This article offers some great ideas for upgrading and modifying your X7 Phenom into a lethal weapon.

What Do Sportbike Enthusiasts Have in Common With Other Motorcyclists When It Comes to Customizing?

Customizing and accessorizing sportbikes has even got Harley Davidson riders (normally known as the kings of customizing and accessorizing) in awe of custom sportbikes. The sportbike custom paint is more vibrant than what you can see on any other motorcycle as the fairing covers a lot more of the bike. Add some chrome to the frames, wheels, and stretch the sportbike motorcycle, you have an awe inspiring machine that catches everyone’s imagination and desire to do the same on their motorcycle.

What Everyone Should Know About Purchasing Paintball Guns and Gear

Paintball is an extremely popular sport and is increasing in popularity every year. When using paintball guns a player should always obtain the correct gear and protection before they enter the playing field.

How To Clean A Paintball Marker

A paintball marker, also known as a paintball gun is the weapon that people use when playing paintball games. Many people make up fake wars or fake hunts for enjoyment.

Paintball Is A Game For Every Generation

Paintball is the fascinating combination of playing cops and robbers and chess. It requires skill, agility and tactical finesse. This game started in the USA in the 1980s as a rather unorganized gotcha kind of game, where people simply ran around trying to hit each other with paint.

Learning About the Game of Paintball

Playing paintball can be a fun outdoor pastime. It is growing in popularity in the US with both collegiate and league play. The game involves a specially designed gun which shoots small gel-like capsules filled with paint.

Proper Protection to Wear When Using Paintball Guns

Paintball is an extreme sport and very physical at times. Proper protection should be worn to prevent guns from shooting paint in vital areas of the body. Some equipment that is ideal for gun fanatics are paintball masks, gloves, chest protectors and knees pads.

Adventure Sports

People are always looking for something that would thrill them. Adventure sport is a classification of different kinds of sport that are intended for people who are looking for thrill. These activity is extreme and require courage.

Airsoft – Introduction To a Great Sport

Airsoft is a recreational activity that uses replica firearms that shot small plastic bullets. It’s commonly used for competitive gaming, target practice, or military simulations. While they are similar to BB guns, The largest difference is the projectile which is a small plastic bullet instead of a metal bb. The projectiles are shot with much less power than a traditional BB Gun.

Simple Tips To Improve Your Speedball Game

Speedball is a paintball game that’s fast and furious! The beginner can be quickly overwhelmed by the speed and confusion of darting players and paintballs whizzing by. Keep it simple by focusing on only a few things at a time. Here are a few tips of what to focus on to improve your game.

What Makes a Petzl Head Torch the Best on the Market Today?

Petzl manufacture some of the best head torches available and at competitive prices, making them the number one choice by professionals and amateurs alike.. The use of LED technology is one of the key aspects of Petzl’s ongoing success and market leading position. Building on a wealth of knowledge and experience built up since the introduction of the first LED head torch, the current Petzl head torch range takes full advantage of this pedigree.

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